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POWERCHINA Signs 300 MW Distributed PV Deal & More From TaiyangNews, Suzhou Maxwell, Almaden, Eastern Shenghong

China PV News Snippets

POWERCHINA signs a 300 MW contract in which the company will be investing in PV projects across Manchu and Yushutun in China’s Angangxi District. (Photo Credit: POWERCHINA)

POWERCHINA to invest in PV projects in Manchu and Yushutun towns;  TaiyangNews Webinar to take place tomorrow; Suzhou Maxwell shows positive growth in Q1/2022; Almaden PV projects postponed; Eastern Shenghong releases 2021 annual report

POWERCHINA signs 300 MW distributed PV deal: Ningxia Branch of POWERCHINA Renewable Energy Group announced that it has signed a contract for a 300 MW distributed photovoltaic project in Angangxi District. The company will invest in the construction of distributed photovoltaic projects spread across Manchu and Yushutun Towns. Last year, Power China & Tukuna had joined hands for 238 MW PV project group (see China PV News Snippets)

One day to go for TaiyangNews Webinar: The much awaited TaiyangNews Webinar titled  will be held tomorrow. It will begin with a Welcome Address by Michael Schmela, Managing Director, TaiyangNews, followed by presentations from Pietro Radoia from BloombergNEF and Jessica Yang from Gessey NewEnergy Info. Then there will be an Executive Panel Discussion which will be attended by Pietro Radoia, Senior Analyst BloombergNEF; Arda Kristaporyan, Head of Sales Central Europe and Turkey JinkoSolar Europe; and Stefan Muller, COO Enerparc. Do join us. For free registration, click here

Suzhou Maxwell  Q1/2022 operating income increases 32% YoY: Solar cell production equipment maker Suzhou Maxwell disclosed its first quarterly report. During the announcement period, the company achieved a total operating income of RMB 830 million ($129.41 million), a year-on-year increase of 32.1%. The company said that this increase in income is because its main business product – solar cell production equipment – grew in sales. Earlier this week, Maxwell reported about a nearly 5 GW equipment supply contract for Reliance’ HJT solar cell factory (see Reliance Bests on HJT Production).

Almaden’s ultra-thin PV glass & BIPV coated glass projects postponed: Solar glass and module manufacturer Almaden announced that due to the impact of the global epidemic and Sino-US trade frictions, the implementation of some fundraising projects has been adjusted and that the company’s large-scale, high-power ultra-thin photovoltaic glass project, and BIPV coated glass project for now have been postponed.

Eastern Shenghong releases 2021 annual report: Civilian polyester filament yarns company Eastern Shenghong released its 2021 annual report. During the reporting period, the company achieved an operating income of RMB 51.7 billion ($8.06 billion), an increase of 53.48% over the same period of the previous year. The output of EVA in 2021 was 351,000 tons, the sales volume reached 343,600 tons, and the income realized was is RMB 6.3 billion ($0.98 billion), accounting for 12.37% of the operating income.


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