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JinkoSolar’s 2nd Factory Gets 100% RE Powered & More From Risen, Suzhou Boamax, Huaneng

China PV News Snippets

As Chuxiong plant becomes JinkoSolar’s second factory to use 100 percent renewable energy, several unique energy saving measures have been implemented. Like for instance, an energy monitoring system has been installed in the factory that tracks real-time energy use. (Photo Credit: JinkoSolar)

JinkoSolar has a second factory in China that is 100% renewable energy powered; Suzhou Boamax to build new PV manufacturing project in Huaiyuan; Risen signs 300 MW module supply deal with Unisun; Huaneng New Energy and Shanghai Yuanle Energy Technology to build 10 GW PV manufacturing project in Hepu County.

2nd JinkoSolar factory to be 100% renewable energy powered: JinkoSolar announced that its Chuxiong plant has become the vertical integrated module maker’s second 100% RE-powered factory. This plant follows on the first 100% renewable powered factory in Leshan. JinkoSolar has been committed to the Climate Group’s RE100, a global initiative that brings together hundreds of large and ambitious businesses committed to the use of 100 percent renewable energy. Electricity will be powered in Chuxiong cell factory through a range of sources, including local hydro plants, offsite solar plants, as well as planned on-site solar PV arrays installed on the facility’s vast roofs.

Suzhou Boamax to sign investment deal for cell/module production with Huaiyuan: Suzhou Boamax Technologies Group announced that it intends to sign an investment contract with the People’s Government of Huaiyuan County. The agreement will be to build a high-end new energy manufacturing project, which will also involve research and development, production and manufacture of 2 GW solar cells, 2 GW PV modules, and new energy high-end equipment related products.

Risen to supply 300 MW modules to Unisun Energy B.V: Chinese solar panel maker Risen Energy said that it has signed a 300 MW N-type module supply agreement with European clean energy developer, Unisun Energy B.V. Earlier, both the companies had reached an agreement of 2 GW until the end of 2024, and this is the first deal towards that end. The projects to which Risen will supply the modules are located in Spain, Italy, and Greece, respectively, and they will all use Risen N-type 132-piece high-efficiency double-glass modules with powers of 670 W and 675 W. Recently, Risen Energy’s agreed with Poland’s Menlo Electric to expand  300 MW for 2022 (see China PV News Snippets)

Huaneng New Energy & Shanghai Yuanle to launch 10 GW PV project: New energy company Huaneng New Energy, and technology development company Shanghai Yuanle Energy Technology are coming together to construct a 10 GW high-efficiency photovoltaic module manufacturing project in Hepu County, according to media reports. Both companies will jointly establish Beihai Huangshi Sunshine Technology as the operating entity of the 10 GW project. The total investment will be about RMB 5 billion ($0.75 billion), of which the investment in fixed assets will be about RMB 1.5 billion ($0.23 billion). The annual output value will be about RMB 20 billion ($3 billion).

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