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Menlo And Risen Sign 150 MW Module Contract & More From Huaneng, Hangzhou, China Silicon

China PV News Snippets

With Menlo Electric and Risen Energy signing a 150 MW module contract, the total orders in 2022 orders have touched 300 MW. (Photo Caption: Menlo Electric)

Risen shipments to Menlo touches 300 MW; Huaneng and Sunwu to develop 50 MW of PV power generation projects; Hangzhou Star subsidiaries to build PV power stations; China Silicon Industry releases latest solar-grade silicon materials transaction price

Menlo and Risen sign 150 MW module contract: Polish PV distributor Menlo Electric announced that the company has signed a 150 MW contract for modules with Chinese solar panel maker Risen Energy. The delivery will be by the second-half of this year. With this, Risen Energy’s shipments to Menlo Electric touches 300 MW for 2022, making the company feature among the top five Risen Energy distributor in the European Union. Last year, Menlo Electric, had announced it is to be acquired by the ‘largest’ developer of solar PV farms in the country, R.Power (see R.Power To Take Over Menlo Electric)

Huaneng and Sunwu ink 150 MW deal: Power sources company Huaneng Group said that it has signed a new energy project agreement with Sunwu county. According to the agreement, both parties will use their respective advantages to develop and construct 100 MW wind power and 50 MW distributed photovoltaic power generation projects. Last year, Huaneng Group had signed a rooftop distributed PV development project with Pucheng County of Fujian province (see China PV News Snippets)

Hangzhou Star invests RMB 10 million for two subsidiaries: In an announcement, Chinese electromechanical power equipment company Hangzhou Star Shuaier Electric Appliance said that its holding subsidiary, Huangshan Fuheng Power Technology, has established two wholly-owned subsidiaries – Hangzhou Fuyang Fuxing Power Technology Co., Ltd. and Shengzhou Fuxuan Power Technology Co., Ltd. – with its own funds. The registered capital of the company is RMB 5 million each. The plan is to build photovoltaic power stations. Earlier this month, Hangzhou Star PV had announced that its sales would exceed RMB 800 million in 2022 (see China PV News Snippets)

China Silicon Industry releases solar-grade silicon materials transaction price: The Silicon Industry of China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association released on May 25 an update on the latest transaction prices of China’s solar-grade silicon materials. Here are the details:

  • The price range of China’s monocrystal re-feeding material is between RMB 255,000-266,000/ton ($38,158 – $39,655/ton), and the average transaction price is maintained at RMB 261,100/ton ($39,056/ton)
  • The price range of single crystal dense material is between RMB 253,000-264,000/ton ($37,859-39,505/ton), and the average transaction price is maintained at 258,700 RMB/ton ($38,711/ton).

While the average price of domestic silicon remained stable this week, according to the association, silicon material is still in short supply and prices are generally still on the rise. Since May, the price of silicon materials has risen 16 times in a row, according to the association, which said that domestic polysilicon production in May was about 62,200 tons, an increase of 7.2% from the previous month.

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