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Trina At TaiyangNews Intersolar Munich Review Conference & More From Shanxi Electric, Hangzhou, Huasun, TBEA

China PV News Snippets

Adele Zhao, Head of EU Marketing and Product Management from Trina Solar will be speaking at the TaiyangNews Intersolar Munich Review Virtual Conference on May 24 2022. For #FreeRegistration, scan the QR Code in the picture above. (Photo Credit; TaiyangNews)

Trina to participate in TaiyangNews Conference on May 24, 2022; Hangzhou Star expects PV business sales to cross RMB 800 million; Huasun’s 2 GW project second phase begins production; Shanxi Electric launches 100 MW PV power generation project; TBEA to invest RMB 480 million in 100 MW PV project.

Trina at upcoming TaiyangNews Intersolar Munich Review Conference:  Adele Zhao, Head of EU Marketing and Product Management, Trina Solar will be taking part in the TaiyangNews Intersolar Munich Review Virtual Conference. She will be speaking on the topic: The Ultra-High Performance Module Series for All Rooftops. The Conference will reflect on the learnings from Intersolar Europe and discuss the latest product innovations of Tier 1 companies with speakers of all world leading module producers participating. The Conference will take place from May 24-25 2022. Join us. For #FreeRegistration, please click here

Hangzhou Star PV sales to exceed RMB 800 million: At a performance briefing, Hangzhou Star Shuaier Electric Appliance, a Chinese electromechanical power equipment company, said that the PV business is an important business segment for them. Currently, the company’s photovoltaic business and exports account for about 50%. It is expected that in 2022, the sales of the photovoltaic business will exceed RMB 800 million ($118.52 million). The company has been promoting the photovoltaic business, even while strengthening the development of its original main business.

Huasun Energy 2 GW HJT project begins production: Chinese HJT solar panel manufacturer Huasun Energy said that the second phase of its 2 GW high-efficiency heterojunction manufacturing project has been smooth with successful production of the first batch of cells and modules. Last month, the company had talked about the first part in Phase II of its 2 GW high-efficiency heterojunction project beginning production (see China PV News Snippets). Now, it is all set to accelerate the pace of production, and plans to build the third phase of its 4.8 GW heterojunction technology in Xuancheng Factory. This project will complete the move-in and commissioning of all equipment in two phases from Q1 to Q3 in 2023.  Huasun’s HJT module is ranked fourth in the April overview of TaiyangNews module efficiency table. In the upcoming TaiyangNews Intersolar Munich Review Virtual Conference on May 24/25, Criss Jin, Director of International Sales Department Huasun will be taking part. For #FreeRegistration, click here.

Shanxi Electric’s 100 MW PV power generation project begins: A groundbreaking ceremony took place in Yiyuan for a 100 MW photovoltaic energy storage power generation project. This project comes under the general contract of China Energy Construction Group Shanxi Electric Power Construction. The scope of the project includes project survey and design, equipment procurement, energy storage facilities, construction of a new 220 kV booster station, Shanxi Electric Power Construction said.

TBEA to invest RMB 480 million in 100 MW PV project: Solar PV inverter and silicon manufacturer from China, TBEA announced that TBEA Xinjiang New Energy plans to invest in the construction of a 100 MW photovoltaic project in Liyuan. The investment is about RMB 480 million ($71.11 million). The construction period is expected to be about six months. Earlier this month, TBEA had made an announcement to invest RMB 2.3 billion in PV and wind projects (see China PV News Snippets)

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