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TBEA To Invest In RMB 2.3 Billion In PV And Wind Projects & More From Qingdao Gaoce, Tongwei

China PV News Snippets

TBEA to invest RMB 2.3 billion in multiple projects, which includes 100 MW PV and energy projects in Shache and Keping, and 100 MW wind power project tin Jingtan. (Illustrative Photo; Photo Credit: City Hunter/

TBEA’s holding company to invest in multiple PV and energy storage projects; Qingdao Gaoce to invest RMB 631 million in wafer project; Tongwei adjusts solar cell prices.

TBEA to invest in RMB 2.3 billion in PV and wind projects: Solar PV inverter company from China announced that the company’s holding company, TBEA Xinjiang New Energy Co., Ltd., plans to invest in the construction of photovoltaic and energy storage projects. The projects are Shache 100 MW PV and energy storage project, the Keping 100 MW PV and energy storage project, the Dunhuang 100 MW PV project, and Jingtan 100 MW wind power project. The total investment of the project will be RMB 2.3 billion ($0.35 billion). Recently, TBEA had released its Q1/2022 report (see China PV News Snippets)

Qingdao Gaoce to construct 12 GW PV silicon wafer project: Wire cutting machine producer Qingdao Gaoce Technology said that, to meet the company’s development needs, it has signed an investment agreement with Jiangsu Jianhu High-tech Industrial Development Zone. The company now plans to invest in the construction of the Jianhu (Phase II) 10 GW photovoltaic large silicon wafer project. Also, it has been proposed that the company will invest about RMB 631 million ($95.37 million) in a 12 GW PV large silicon wafer project, whose construction period will be for 12 months.

Tongwei announces solar cell prices for May 2022: Integrated solar PV manufacturer from China, Tongwei Solar has adjusted the latest quotation for solar cells. Compared to the last quotation that was released in April (see China PV News Snippets), the price of 166 cells has increased by RMB 0.01/W ($0.0015/W) to RMB 1.14/W ($0.17/W), 182 cells has increased by RMB 0.01/W ($0.0015/W) to RMB 1.18/W ($0.18/W), and the price of 210 cells remained unchanged.

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