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LONGi Projects Chosen As Zero Carbon China Excellent Cases & More from JinkoSolar, Inner Mongolia, Lifecome, SPIC

China PV News Snippets

Two projects of LONGi - Baoshan Zero - Carbon Factory and Sinopec's Zero-Carbon Gas Station – have been selected for 2022 Zero Carbon China Excellent Cases and Zero-Carbon Technical Solutions. This was announced at the 2022 Carbon Neutral Zero Carbon China Summit and the 5th China Energy Investment International Forum in Beijing. (Photo Credit: LONGi)

LONGi projects become ‘excellent cases’ of zero carbon; JinkoSolar makes it to MIT’s 50 smartest companies; Inner Mongolia Renewable & ESS project draft guideline released; Lifecome forays into PV market; SPIC Hebei is now 5A-level Standardized Good Behavior enterprise.

LONGi projects chosen as Zero Carbon China Excellent Cases: Chinese vertically integrated solar PV company LONGi announced that two projects – its Baoshan Zero-Carbon Factory and Sinopec’s Zero-Carbon Gas Station – have been selected for 2022 Zero Carbon China Excellent Cases and Zero-Carbon Technical Solutions. Baoshan LONGi’s production base is the company’s first zero-carbon factory. Meanwhile, the company is also working with fossil energy giant Sinopec to build 147 distributed PV gas stations, spread across Shaanxi, Hubei, Anhui and Guangdong. The overall average annual power generation of the project is expected to be about 5.256 million kWh, and the total power generation in 25 years will total to about 131 million kWh. This would save about 41,800 tons of standard coal and 131,000 tons of carbon dioxide. In July, LONGi had announced plans to upgrade and transform crystal pulling capacities (see China PV News Snippets).

JinkoSolar is one of MIT’s 50 smartest companies: PV company JinkoSolar, through WeChat, said that it has successfully made it to the MIT Technology Review list of 2021 Global 50 Smartest Companies (TR50). It is the only solar company to have made it to the list, it said. The company said that its breakthrough innovation in N-type technology and mature business model enabled it get this recognition.  In the recently held TaiyangNews Bifacial & Solar Tracker Virtual Conference, JinkoSolar spoke about how n-type module technology can reduce power generation cost (see Song Li, Jinko Solar: n-type Promotion In Reducing System LCOE).

Inner Mongolia publishes Renewable & ESS project draft guideline: Inner Mongolia’s National Energy Administration (NEA) has asked for comments on its Grid Load Storage Integration Project Implementation Rules (2022). In the document, NEA asked that energy storage systems should reach at least 15% of renewable installation capacities and operate as long as the renewable power systems, a sign that the first Chinese regions are looking seriously into battery energy storage  to back their massive renewables plans.

Lifecome to enter PV market with Jiangxi Weike acquisition: Microbial pharmacy Lifecome Biochemistry said that it plans to purchase 100% equity of Jiangxi Weike New Material, a solar adhesive film technology firm. With this, the company plans to enter the film industry and contribute to the photovoltaic industry that has been consistently growing. Lifecome is very optimistic about the development prospects of the film industry and at the same time, looks forward to improving its own sustainable development abilities.

SPIC Hebei receives 5A-level Standardized Good Behavior certification: SPIC Hebei Electric Power Baoding Branch has successfully passed the AAAAAA-level Standardized Good Behavior Enterprise review, according to local media reports. The local SPIC branch becomes the first photovoltaic AAAAA-level Standardization Good Behavior enterprise in State Power Investment Corporation.

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