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Versolsolar Launches New Generation BIPV System & More From JinkoSolar, S.C.New Energy, LONGi

China PV News Snippets

Versolsolar launhces new generation BIPV system that can be applied to photovoltaic modules of various sizes, and also to existing steel structure workshops, new steel structure workshops and carports. (Photo Credit: Versolsolar)

Versolsolar comes up with new generation BIPV system; JinkoSolar’s ships 10 MW N-type modules to Pakistan; S.C New Energy wins coating equipment order; LONGi initiates changes to upgrade and transform crystal pulling capacity.

Versolsolar launches new generation BIPV system: PV mounting and tracking system company Versolsolar announced via WeChat that it has launched a new generation of BIPV system. The system adopts the ‘principle of multi-channel waterproofing’, which means it is waterproof on the surface, supplemented by the middle sealing layer, followed by water conduction on the bottom structure. The system can be applied to photovoltaic modules of various sizes, and also to existing and new steel structure workshops, and carports.

JinkoSolar delivers 10 MW of Tiger Neo to Pakistan: Module supplier JinkoSolar announced that the first batch of 10 MW N-type Tiger Neo 78 BDV modules has reached Pakistan. The company’s EPC partner in Pakistan plans to install these modules in 3 separate C&I rooftop projects for 3 textile factories. Last December, JinkoSolar had introduced its Tiger Neo N-type TOPCon at our TaiyangNews High Efficiency Solar Technologies Virtual Conference (see JinkoSolar introduced Tiger Neo N-type TOPCon module at TaiyangNews conference).

S.C New Energy wins coating equipment order: Solar cell production equipment manufacturer S.C New Energy Technology Corporation reported that it has won the perovskite cell mass production line coating equipment order bid of an unidentified leading company. This RPD coating equipment is one of the series of core equipment that S.C New Energy has developed for perovskite cells. It has a number of independent intellectual property rights and high technical barriers, providing a more reliable equipment guarantee for photovoltaic technology in the new era, it claims. In May 2022, the company had registered an operating income of RMB 5 billion (see China PV News Snippets).

LONGi to upgrade and transform crystal pulling capacity: In an announcement, integrated solar PV manufacturer LONGi Green Energy Technology said that it is upgrading and transforming its crystal pulling capacity and optimizing its internal resource allocation. Towards this, the company plans to take these steps:

  • Renovate the Yinchuan LONGi’s factory buildings and eliminate old equipment
  • Relocate 512 single crystal furnaces from Yinchuan Photovoltaics to Yinchuan LONGi plant
  • The 2019 convertible bond fundraising project – 15 GW Yinchuan monocrystalline silicon rod and wafer project – to be co-implemented by Yinchuan Photovoltaic and Yinchuan LONGi at Yinchuan LONGi Plant

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