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Asia Silicon Produces First Batch Of High-Quality Polysilicon & More From Aiko, Luoyang, National Energy Group

China PV News Snippets

Asia Silicon produces first batch of high quality polysilicon products at its furnace unit in Qinghai Province. (Illustrative Photo; Photo Credit: Bjoern Wylezich/

Asia Silicon produces first batch of high-quality polysilicon products; Aiko Solar and  Zhuhai Max Automation System get into a RMB 451.8 mn deal; Luoyang Glass completes China National Building’s PV equipment facility; National Energy to develop 850 MW of new energy

Asia Silicon produces first batch of electronic-grade polysilicon: Polysilicon manufacturing company Asia Silicon (Qinghai) announced on its website that it has successfully produced the first batch of high-quality polysilicon products. With an annual output of 40,000 tons of electronic-grade polysilicon, this is supposed to be the largest reduction furnace unit in Qinghai Province. It was in August 2021 that the company had begun building this factory (see China News Snippets). Currently, the total polysilicon production capacity of Asian silicon industry has reached 90,000 tons/year.

Aiko Solar to buy 36 sets of PV cell production equipment: Chinese solar cell producer Aiko Solar said in an announcement that its subsidiary plans to purchase 36 sets of photovoltaic cell production equipment from PV equipment manufacturer Zhuhai Max Automation System for about RMB 451.8 million ($64.46 million). These photovoltaic coating machines are a new type of equipment customized for its ABC cell technology and is also the core equipment of the silver-free metallization production process for ABC cells, Aiko said. Last month, Aiko had talked about adding RMB 1 billion to increase its subsidiary’s capital (see China PV News Snippets).

Luoyang Glass PV cell packaging materials kiln ignited: Float glass manufacturer Luoyang Glass announced that it has completed China National Building Materials (Hefei) New Energy’s PV equipment cell packaging materials facility, and the kiln has been ignited. The facility will produce PV cell packaging material for ultra-thin solar photovoltaic equipment. The production line adopts self-developed core technology and complete sets of equipment. It is also supposed to be equipped with the industry’s first intelligent three-dimensional warehouse.

National Energy to develop 850 MW of new energy: Hydroelectric power generation enterprise, National Energy Group Daduhe Company, in a WeChat communication said that it has obtained the right to develop 850 MW of photovoltaic and wind power resources in Hanyuan and Shimian counites in Ya’an, Sichuan province. This is one of the first centralized development projects involving large-scale photovoltaic and wind power obtained by the company in Sichuan.

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