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TaiyangNews Virtual Conference From 23-25 November 2022 & More From GCL System, Anhui Conch, Henan Hengxing

China PV News Snippets

For free registration to the 3-Day TaiyangNews Virtual Conference on High Efficiency Solar Technologies – TOPCon, HJT and Beyond, Today & Tomorrow, scan the QR Code in the picture above. (Photo Credit: TaiyangNews)

Join our TaiyangNews Virtual Conference on High Efficiency Solar Technologies; Anuhi Conch to raise RMB 10 billion for PV production; Henan Hengxing to expand diamond wire production.

TaiyangNews Virtual Conference from 23-25 November 2022: TaiyangNews will be hosting our annual flagship event, a 3-day virtual Conference on High Efficiency Solar Technologies – TOPCon, HJT and Beyond, Today & Tomorrow. The Conference will have leaders from research, production equipment and materials supply as well as cell/module manufacturing and market analysis look at the topic from different angles. The focus will also be on commercial high-efficiency cell technologies – from Passivated Contacts (TopCon) to Heterojunction (HJT), but also on next-gen cell technologies. The Conference will also touch upon the latest global and Chinese technology roadmaps as well as supply and demand for the different solar technologies. For free registration, please click here.

Anhui Conch to raise RMB 10 billion for PV manufacturing projects: Cement and commodity clinker producer and seller Anhui Conch Cement Co., Ltd. announced that it is going to continue increasing investment in the new energy sector. The company also said that it will be building photovoltaic power generation equipment manufacturing facilities in Fengyang Economic Development Zone, Chuzhou City, Anhui Province, and Yiyang County, Shangrao City. The facilities would include a 5 GW high-power double-glass PV module production line and will be equipped with two 1400t/d photovoltaic glass substrate production lines and deep processing production lines. The facilities are scheduled start construction in 2022 and expected to be completed by 2024.

Henan Hengxing to expand diamond wire production: Galvanized steel wire and steel strand manufacturer Henan Hengxing Technology Co., Ltd. revealed its plans for non-public issuance of A shares in 2022. The company expects to raise an additional RMB 600 million ($84.5 million). This fund will be used to expand production of ultra-fine diamond wire and also towards working capital. A 20 million km of ultra-fine diamond wire production facility is also part of the plan. By expanding its diamond wire production capacity, the company expects to better meet the strong demands for diamond wire in the market. Last year too, the company had announced expansion of its diamond wire production capacity (see China PV News Snippets)


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