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JA Solar To Expand 40 GW Integrated Production Capacity & More From Shangji, Guangzhou Development

China PV News Snippets

With an investment of RMB 11.5 billion, JA Solar is eyeing at expanding its integrated production capacity by 40 GW. (File Photo; Photo Credit: TaiyangNews)

JA Solar to invest RMB 11.5 billion to expand production capacity; Shangji Automation to buy silicon materials from Inner Mongolia; Guangzhou Development to invest in three PV projects.

JA Solar to expand 40 GW integrated production capacity: Solar PV panel manufacturer JA Solar announced that it plans to expand its integrated production capacity. Aligning to its strategic development needs, the company will look at Shijiazhuang’s 10 GW wafers and 10 GW cells facilities, and Dongtai’s 10 GW cells and 10 GW module facilities, thus increasing production capacity to 40 GW. The investment for the same would be around RMB 11.5 billion ($1.65 billion). Recently JA Solar’s Tang Kun spoke to TaiyangNews about the company’s TOPCon investments and its future plans (see Costs and Power Performance Speak For TOPCon)

Shangji Automation plans to buy silicon materials from Inner Mongolia: Wafer maker Shangji Automation said that between December 2022 and 2023, the daily related procurement transactions between the company and producer and seller of granular silicon, Inner Mongolia Xinyuan Silicon Material Technology, will be about RMB 4.5 billion ($0.65 billion).  Two months back, DAS Solar and Shangji Automation had partnered for silicon materials (see China PV News Snippets)

Guangzhou Development to invest RMB 1.26 billion in PV projects: Integrated energy business company Guangzhou Development has made announcements regarding three photovoltaic projects. As per the announcement, the company plans to invest:

  • RMB 593 million ($85.3 million) to build a 120 MW agricultural-solar photovoltaic power station in Luquan
  • RMB 451 million ($64.8 million) to construct Longchuan Longmu Phase II 100 MW Forest Solar project
  • RMB 217 million ($31.2 million) towards Yangshan Taiping Photovoltaic Complex Phase II 50 MW expansion project

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