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Construction begins for Jiangsu Linyang PV cell facility & More From Lifecome, Lifecome, JinkoSolar, Dongwei, Safety Wire Rope

China PV News Snippets

The 20 GW high efficiency n-type TOPCON photovoltaic cell facility that Jiangsu Linyang had signed for has finally begun construction. (Photo Credit: Jiangsu Linyang)

Jiangsu Linyang’s 20 GW TOPCon PV facility begins construction; Lifecome to invest RMB 6 billion in PV film facility; JinkoSolar modules wins International First Set certification; Dongwei & SPIC partner for HJT cells; Safety Wire Rope buys PV cell equipment.

Construction begins for Jiangsu Linyang PV cell facility: Jiangsu Linyang, an operator and service provider of decentralized energy and energy management solutions, said via WeChat that the foundation has been laid for its 20 GW high efficiency n-type TOPCON photovoltaic cell facility in Jiangsu, and that the construction has officially begun. With an investment of RMB 10 billion ($1.48 billion), the facility will be built in phases. The first phase with 12 GW capacity is expected to be put into operation by June 30 2023. It was in December 2022 that Jiangsu Linyang had invested in this facility (see China PV News Snippets)

Lifecome to invest RMB 6 billion in PV film facility: Biopharmaceutical company, Lifecome Biochemistry, announced that its wholly-owned subsidiary, Lifecome (Haining) Adhesive Film Material Co., Ltd is planning to invest in a PV adhesive film facility in Huangwan with an annual output of 800 million square meters. Spread across 262 mu, the facility will be built in phases. The total investment will be about RMB 6 billion ($0.89 billion). In the first phase, about 40 production lines will be developed in a span of two years, with an investment of RMB 2.4 billion ($0.36 billion). The second phase will see about 60 production lines being developed with an investment of RMB 3.6 billion ($0.53 billion).

JinkoSolar module wins recognition in Zhejiang: Module supplier JinkoSolar, through a WeChat communication, said that its TOPCon cell module and string matrix system has been recognized by the Zhejiang Province for its innovation and advancement in the field of new energy power generation, and has been awarded the International First Set certification. Having achieved substantial efficiency gains by introducing new materials, and integrating and optimizing existing process technologies, JinkoSolar TOPCon cell modules and string matrix systems have been assisting the rapid mass production of TOPCon technology, the company added.

Dongwei & SPIC partner for HJT: Electroplating equipment provider Dongwei Technology announced that the company, State Power Investment Corporation (SPIC) and its wholly-owned subsidiary, SPIC New Energy Technology, have signed an agreement for electroplating solutions for copper grid heterojunction cells. The company said that it has launched a third-generation equipment that can promote production efficiency and reduce costs. This collaboration with SPIC will enable the company to further grow in the space of  electroplating equipment solutions for copper grid HJT cells.

Safety Wire Rope to buy PV cell equipment worth RMB 157 million: Service-oriented manufacturing enterprise, Jiangsu Safety Wire Rope Co., Ltd., announced that its holding subsidiary, Safety Wire Rope New Energy, will be purchasing photovoltaic cell-related production equipment from S.C New Energy Technology Corporation and its wholly-owned subsidiary Changzhou, S.C New Energy Technology. The contract value is about RMB 157 million ($23.3 million). Meanwhile, last year, S.C New Energy had announced that orders of its n-type TOPCon SE laser and special high-temperature equipment have entered the delivery stage (see China PV News Snippets).

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