China PV News Snippets: Samsung , Goodwe, Risen, 3 Gorges

Samsung SDI To Withdraw From China’s PV Paste Business; Goodwe’s Estimated Profit At RMB 2.29 To 275 Mn; Three Gorges Completes Acquisition Of Daylight PV Project; Risen 670W Modules IEC Certified; Xi’an Metron Partners With Xi’an Aerospace Base

China PV News Snippets: Samsung , Goodwe, Risen, 3 Gorges

Samsung SDI to withdraw from China’s PV paste business: In an announcement, material producer for secondary batteries Samsung SDI announced that it has decided to withdraw from China’s solar materials business and will be selling its photovoltaic paste business there. Samsung SDI has been operating a photovoltaic paste production line at its Wuxi plant in China since 2016. However, the business accounts for a very small part of Samsung SDI’s total sales and has not been bringing much benefits to Samsung.

Goodwe’s 2020 estimated net profit at RMB 2.29 to 275 million: PV inverter and energy storage solutions manufacturer Goodwe announced that its 2020 net profit is expected to be between RMB 2.29 million and RMB 2.75 million ($0.35 million and $0.43 million). This will be a year-on-year increase of 123.65% to 168.38%. The main reason for this performance, the company feels, is because it had continued to increase its investment in R&D and technological innovation, while also benefiting from the growth of the photovoltaic industry, which enabled them to actively expand into domestic and foreign markets.

Three Gorges completes acquisition of Daylight PV project: A subsidiary of Three Gorges International, Three Gorges Europe, has successfully completed the acquisition of the Daylight photovoltaic power plant project in Spain, the company said in an announcement. The project includes 13 PV power stations with a total installed capacity of 572 MW and is one of the largest photovoltaic operating projects in Spain. Last year, Three Gorges got into an agreement to acquire 500 MW Operational Solar Power Capacity from X-Elio, marking its entry into the Spanish Energy sector (see Three Gorges To Acquire 500 MW Solar From X-Elio)

Risen 670W modules IEC certified: Chinese solar PV module producer Risen Energy has successfully received the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) certification for its 670W product series. The certification is given to companies once they successfully clear the world’s leading third-party testing and certification organized by the TüV SÜD Group, who then awards the TüV South German certification. The certification means that Risen Energy’s 670W dual-glass 210 mm wafer-based  solar module product complies with the existing IEC 61215 & 61730 standards. Risen presented about its 210 mm based solar modules at the January 2021 held TaiyangNews Advanced Solar Module Conference, where it showed its roadmap to 700 W products already in 2022 (see Day I: TaiyangNews Advanced Module Technologies Conference).

Yangling Metron New Materials partners with Xi’an Aerospace Base: The Xi’an Aerospace Base Management Committee and Yangling Metron New Materials Co., Ltd. have formally signed a contract in which Yangling will build Xi’an Metron Industrial Park. The new facility’s focus will be on three aspects –  diamond wire, intelligent manufacturing and equipment, and R&D center, according to a report by People’s Daily Online.

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