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Canadian Solar To Set Up Wafer Fab In Yangzhou & More From Bangjie Share, Jinchen Corp, GCL Optoelectronics, RoboTechnik

China Solar PV News Snippets

Canadian Solar plans to use part of the proceeds from its IPO to invest in the construction of a 14 GW annual silicon wafer facility. (Illustrative Photo; Photo Credit: IM Imagery/

Canadian Solar to set up 14 GW wafer fab; Bangjie Share updates construction plans on solar cell & wafer slicing fab; Jinchen Corp steps into perovskite & hydrogen equipment; GCL’s perovskite module hits 26.17% efficiency; RoboTechnik to supply PV equipment to Shichuang Energy.

Canadian Solar to set up 14 GW silicon wafer fab in Yangzhou: Solar PV manufacturer Canadian Solar has announced its plans to use RMB 500 million ($70 million) from its IPO proceeds to invest in the construction of a 14 GW annual silicon wafer facility of Canadian Solar (Yangzhou). The company will invest a total of about RMB 900 million ($126 million) (including working capital) in the facility. The facility will involve the construction of a new silicon wafer slicing workshop, warehouse, wastewater treatment station and other ancillary facilities. Once complete, it is expected to add a high-efficiency solar silicon wafer production capacity of 14 GW/year. In October, Canadian Solar announced a solar cell manufacturing plant in the US with 5 GW annual installed capacity (see Canadian Solar Announces Solar Cell Fab In The US).

Bangjie Share to adjust implementation of n-type solar cell & wafer slicing facility: Recent entrant to the solar industry Bangjie Share has announced that it plans to adjust the implementation sequence of the 16 GW n-type high-efficiency solar cell and 16 GW large-size silicon wafer slicing facility. In May of this year, the company had signed an agreement outlining its construction plans for a 1st phase 16 GW (8 GW + 8 GW) n-type high-efficiency solar cell manufacturing facility and a 2nd phase 16 GW large-size silicon wafer slicing facility. The company has decided to reorganize the implementation sequence considering the current trends in the PV industry, market demands, and the company’s strategic planning. It now plans for a 1st phase that will produce 8 GW of n-type solar cells and 16 GW large-size silicon wafer slicing annually. The remaining 8 GW n-type high-efficiency solar cell capacity will be part of the 2nd phase.

Jinchen Corp ventures into perovskite and hydrogen equipment industries: Solar manufacturing equipment manufacturer Jinchen Corp has announced its intention to jointly invest in the establishment of Beijing Hengyi Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. with the Beijing Chen Gong Vacuum Technology Center. Additionally, Jinchen Corp plans to co-invest with Suzhou Dechen Technology Service Partnership to establish Suzhou Jiaheng Intelligent Technology Development Co., Ltd. Hengyi Optoelectronics’ primary focus will be research and manufacturing of vacuum deposition machines for perovskite solar cell coating equipment. Jiaheng Intelligent Technology aims to establish a foundation for the expansion of automated equipment in the hydrogen production equipment sector. The company’s hydrogen production equipment automation production line has completed product design, and is currently in the initial stages of market promotion.

GCL Optoelectronics’ perovskite laminated module achieves 26.17% efficiency: GCL Optoelectronics has announced that its perovskite laminated module efficiency has exceeded 26% (26.17% @279 mm × 370 mm), as certified by the China Institute of Metrology. The company says that it will continue to work on both area and efficiency to break the 26% barrier for a 1000 mm × 2000 mm module. Recently, Mellow Energy announced its plans for a 100 MW perovskite production line (see China Solar PV News Snippets).

RoboTechnik to supply PV equipment to Shichuang Energy: High-end automation equipment manufacturer RoboTechnik has announced that the company and its wholly-owned subsidiary have signed a sales contract with Shichuang Energy. According to the contract, RoboTechnik will supply automation equipment worth approximately RMB 111.5 million ($15.63 million) to Shichuang Energy. In November, RoboTechnik announced that it has signed a PV equipment sales contract with Tongwei Solar (see China Solar PV News Snippets).

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