China Solar PV News Snippets

TaiyangNews Annual Flagship Event on Dec 13/14 & 19/20 & More From Tongwei, China Three Gorges, Elion, Guangdong Energy Group, Qiya Group, Boamax

China Solar PV News Snippets

Astronergy’s Product Manager Xuanyi Shi will be taking part in TaiyangNews annual flagship event: High Efficiency Solar Technologies – Today, Tomorrow and Beyond. Scan the QR code to register for free. (Photo Credit: TaiyangNews)

Astronergy at TaiyangNews annual flagship event; Tongwei plans Chengdu R&D center & cell + module fab; commercial-level perovskite plant grid-connected; Guangdong Energy tender winners announced; Qiya Group’s polysilicon fab online; fishery-PV project by Boamax & BJEI.

TaiyangNews annual flagship event on Dec 13/14 & 19/20: Xuanyi Shi, Product Manager from Astronergy will be taking part in TaiyangNews annual flagship event: High Efficiency Solar Technologies – Today, Tomorrow and Beyond. She will be talking about the advantages of Astronergy’s TOPCon products in distributed PV application.

While TOPCon has been accepted as the new state of the art with large capacities already online and much more to come around the world, PERC is a thing of the past. At the same time, several leading companies are also developing HJT, either focusing on HJT exclusively or next to TOPCon as they want to differentiate and believe in the higher efficiencies of HJT.

The Conference, which will take place on December 13/14 from 09:30 – 10:30 CET, will see leading PV manufacturers, material suppliers and equipment makers present the latest updates on each of these technologies.

For agenda & free registration, click here:

Tongwei plans to build 25 GW cells + 20 GW modules fab in Chengdu: Integrated solar PV manufacturer Tongwei Solar has announced that it has broken ground on the Global Innovation Research and Development Center at its Shuangliu Base. The company said that it has signed an agreement with Shuangliu District, Chengdu City, to initiate the construction of the R&D center and a 25 GW cell + 20 GW module production facility. The company plans to invest RMB 10.5 billion ($1.47 billion) in the fab, while the investment for the R&D center has been set at RMB 1 billion ($140 million).

Recently, Tongwei Green Substrate (Guangyuan) has announced that it has broken ground on its 200,000 tons/year industrial silicon facility in the Cangxi Economic Development Zone (see China Solar PV News Snippets).

Commercial MW-Level perovskite PV project connected to the grid: China has grid-connected what is claimed to be the world’s first commercial MW-level perovskite ground photovoltaic project. The project, a joint investment and construction effort by China Three Gorges Project Corporation and Elion, is located in the Kubuqi Desert in Hangjin Banner, Ordos City, Inner Mongolia. It is associated with the Kubuqi 2 GW PV sand control project in the western part of Inner Mongolia. The project is said to have an installed capacity of 1 MW, covers an area of 40 acres, and is equipped with 11,200 perovskite solar modules.

Guangdong Energy Group tender winners announced: Yiyi New Energy and JinkoSolar have been announced as the first winning bidders for the Guangdong Energy Group’s 2023 PV module procurement tender. The winning bids were for RMB 0.938/W and RMB 0.95/W, respectively. JA Solar and Longi Green Energy were named the second winning bidder, with bids of RMB 0.958/W and RMB 0.965 RMB/W. The winning bids translate to $0.13/W. According to the announcement, the companies will be responsible for the purchase and installation of p-type high-efficiency monocrystalline bifacial double-glass PV modules with a power of ≥550Wp and a purchase volume of 1175.8318MW.

Qiya Group’s Phase I 100,000 tons high-purity polysilicon fab online: Qiya Group subsidiary Xinjiang Qiya Silicon Industry Co., Ltd., has announced that the Phase I of its 100,000-ton high-purity polysilicon fab has been brought online. The facility is located in the Zhundong Economic and Technological Development Zone in Xinjiang. The company is focusing on the core production of 400,000 tons of high-purity polysilicon annually. Phase I of the facility is being built with an investment of more than RMB 9 billion ($1.26 billion) and covers an area of approximately 1,000 acres. The company had started construction on the 100,000 ton Phase II in August of 2022, which is expected to start operation in October 2024.

Boamax Technologies and BJEI sign agreement for fishery-solar PV power station: CNC sheet metal technology company Boamax Technologies has announced that it has signed a cooperation development agreement with BJEI. The companies will jointly develop a fishery-solar complementary PV power station project in Hushu Street, Jiangning District, Nanjing. The project will consist a total installed capacity of 120 MW. Once complete and grid-connected, the facility is expected to produce approximately 100 million kWh of clean electricity annually. This is equivalent to saving 40,000 tons of standard coal and reducing CO2 emissions by 140,000 tons.

In September, Boamax Technologies and Huaneng Renewables announced a joint agreement with the Huaiyuan County People’s Government to construct a 1 GW distributed PV facility (see China Solar PV News Snippets).

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