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TaiyangNews Annual Flagship Event On Dec 13/14 & 19/20 & More From NDRC, TCL Zhonghuan, TrinaTracker, Autowell, China Three Gorges

China Solar PV News Snippets

MA Jiayu, Product Manager at AIKO Solar, will be taking part in TaiyangNews’ annual flagship event - a Virtual Conference on High Efficiency Solar Technologies – Today, Tomorrow and Beyond. Scan the QR code to register for free. (Photo Credit: TaiyangNews)

AIKO at TaiyangNews annual flagship event; NDRC notice on Carbon Peak Pilot cities and zones; TZE transfers stake in Xinjiang Geensi; TrinaTracker products pass 3rd party bankability testing; Autowell at CIPVIC 2023; CTG invites bids for perovskite-silicon tandem equipment.

TaiyangNews annual flagship event on Dec 13/14 & 19/20: MA Jiayu, Product Manager at AIKO Solar, will be taking part in TaiyangNews’ annual flagship event – a Virtual Conference on High Efficiency Solar Technologies – Today, Tomorrow and Beyond.

She will be participating in Part-2 of the Conference, which will take place on December19/20 from 09:30 – 13:00 CET. In these two days, the Speakers will do a deep dive into Back Contact (XBC) Cell Architecture and Next Generation Technologies, along with more news on TOPCon.

For Agenda & Free Registration, click here:

NDRC releases 1st batch of Carbon Peak Pilot Cities and Zones: China’s National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) has unveiled the 1st batch of names for the Carbon Peak Pilot program. The list includes 25 cities, such as Zhangjiakou, and 10 zones like the Changzhi High-tech Industrial Development Zone as the initial pilot cities and zones for the Carbon Peak initiative. The notice outlines that the designated pilot cities and zones must adhere to the deployment requirements outlined in the “National Carbon Peak Pilot Construction Plan” and the “Guidelines for the Formulation of Carbon Peak Pilot Implementation Plans.” They are instructed to develop their pilot implementation plans based on scientific considerations and in line with their actual circumstances. After the local development and reform commissions review and verify the implementation plans for the pilot cities and zones, they are required to submit them to the NDRC by January 31, 2024. The full list of names can be accessed at this link.

TCL Zhonghuan transfers 27% equity stake in Xinjiang Geensi: Leading solar wafer supplier TCL Zhonghuan Co., Ltd. has announced that the company has successfully transferred its 27% equity stake in Xinjiang Geensi to Guotong Trust Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Wuhan Financial Holdings (Group) Co., Ltd. As part of the transaction, the company has received the full equity transfer payment of RMB 697 million ($97.62 million). Xinjiang Geensi is engaged in various activities, including research, production, and sales of polycrystalline silicon and monocrystalline silicon. The company is also involved in engineering consulting and project development related to the photovoltaic industry.

In October, TCL Zhonghuan signed a Joint Development Agreement with Saudi Arabia’s Vision Industries to jointly build a crystal wafer facility in Saudi Arabia (see China Solar PV News Snippets).

TrinaTracker’s full line of products passes third-party bankability testing: Trina Solar’s tracker making subsidiary TrinaTracker has announced that its product reliability, bankability and product profitability have been recognized by third-party independent review agencies. The company’s single-row flat single-axis tracking bracket Pioneer 1P, Trailblazer 2P, and the double-row flat single-axis tracking bracket Anjie 1P have officially obtained the single-axis tracking system bankability audit report issued by DNV. It says that its 3-in-1 intelligent tracking platform that includes hardware, software and service platform can significantly increase the overall power generation of the tracking power station.

Separately, TrinaTracker has announced that it will release a new upgraded version of its Pioneer 1P product on December 15 in Suqian.

Autowell showcases innovation in module manufacturing at CIPVIC 2023: Automation equipment manufacturer Autowell showcased its innovation in intelligent module manufacturing at the 6th China International PV Industry Conference hosted by Tongwei Group. Autowell, a partner of Tongwei since 2015, demonstrated its achievements in intelligent manufacturing and technological innovation. The collaboration has evolved from dual-line stringers to various equipment across Tongwei’s locations. Autowell aims to deepen collaboration, contributing to the integration of intelligent manufacturing in the solar industry. Autowell received prestigious awards at the Tongwei Global Partner Conference, highlighting its steadfast partnership and value contribution. Autowell’s MBB PV Cell Soldering Stringer drew attention for its competitiveness in capacity, precision, and compatibility.

China Three Gorges invites bids for perovskite-silicon tandem solar cell and module equipment: China Three Gorges has invited bids for the procurement of equipment related to the development and demonstration application of efficient perovskite-silicon tandem solar cells and modules. The company intends to procure, among other things, 3 large-area high-precision slot coating devices, one set of large-area laser scribing equipment, one set of large-area light source, and solar cell IV testing system, and one set of new PV material physical vapor deposition equipment. The equipment is expected to be delivered within 40 weeks after the signing of the contract, with Beijing and Tianjin as the delivery locations. The full list of equipment to be procured can be accessed here.

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