China Solar PV News Snippets

TaiyangNews Annual Flagship Event On Dec 13/14 & 19/20 & More From LONGi, Golden Solar, Qiya Group, Yixing, Hymson

China Solar PV News Snippets

DKEM at TaiyangNews annual flagship event; LONGi releases 2023 Climate Action White Paper; Golden Solar to ship HBC flexible modules from Dec; Qiya Group’s investment agreements with Kaili City; Yixing’s solar plans for 2025; Hymson wins 65 GW laser sintering equipment bid.

TaiyangNews annual flagship event on Dec 13/14 & 19/20: DKEM’s New Technology Development Director Mike Guo will be taking part in TaiyangNews’ annual flagship event – a Virtual Conference on High Efficiency Solar Technologies – Today, Tomorrow and Beyond. He will be presenting on the topic: Innovative Metallization Pastes Enabling TOPCon Efficiency Beyond 26.5%.

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LONGi’s 2023 Climate Action White Paper: Vertically integrated solar PV company LONGi Solar has released the “2023 LONGi Climate Action White Paper” at COP28’s Solar+ Pavilion. In the white paper, LONGi states that it has steadily promoted climate action, established a greenhouse gas emission accounting system covering its entire value chain, and accelerated the construction of a sustainable development and ESG management system. LONGi’s greenhouse gas emissions per unit of revenue within its operating scope in 2022 was reduced by 38.8% compared with 2021. At the same time, the company continues to increase the proportion of green power usage. In 2022, the usage of green energy exceeded 4.279 billion kWh, accounting for 47.18% of the total. LONGi says that this is its third climate action white paper since 2021.

Golden Solar to start HBC flexible module shipments: Material science company Golden Solar has released an update on its business development in a voluntary disclosure. The company plans to start deliveries of its Heterojunction Back Contact (HBC) flexible modules for solar sunshades in RVs and camping applications to customers in Europe, Australia, and Japan this month. Currently, Golden Solar’s clientele primarily consists of high-end retailers and manufacturers in the overseas RV and outdoor equipment industry. The group’s flexible, bendable, and highly efficient PV systems address the limitations of traditional glass modules in various applications.

Qiya Group signs multiple investment agreements with Kaili City: New entrant to the polysilicon industry Qiya Group Limited has announced that it has signed multiple investment agreements with the government of Kaili City in Guizhou Province. The company plans to invest in Kaili City for the construction of a 20 GW + 20 GW monocrystalline silicon ingot and wafer slicing facility, apart from processing facilities for 500,000 tons of recycled aluminum and 300,000 tons of aluminum. This announcement closely follows the company starting production at Phase I of its 100,000-ton high-purity polysilicon fab in Xinjiang (see China Solar PV News Snippets).

Yixing plans 11 GW PV module and 830 MW PV installed capacity by 2025: The Development and Reform Commission of Yixing City, Jiangsu Province, has released a 3-year action plan for the development of the new energy industry in the city. The plan outlines the goal of enhancing the quality of PV manufacturing development, aiming to achieve a PV module capacity of 11 GW by 2025. It emphasizes the continuous promotion of distributed PV applications, with the target of reaching a cumulative grid-connected capacity of 830 MW by 2025. This includes an additional 120 MW of distributed PV installed capacity, with specific allocations for various sectors. These include 10 MW on the roofs of government and party buildings, 50 MW on roofs of public infrastructure such as schools, hospitals, village committees, and enterprises, and 113 MW on the roofs of industrial and commercial buildings. Additionally, 10 MW is allocated for installation on rural residential roofs.

Hymson wins 65 GW laser sintering equipment bid from leading PV customer: Laser equipment manufacturer Hymson has announced that it has been notified as the winning bidder for a 65 GW bid from a leading photovoltaic customer. The company says that it has frequently received orders from photovoltaic customers since the launch of its LAS laser rapid-assisted sintering equipment this year. The company says it has helped customers stabilize mass production, increasing production line efficiency by more than 0.3%.

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