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JinkoSolar Secures Contract For 100 SunGiga Sets & More From Jolywood, China Huaneng, Gaoce, Leascend, Xinba New Materials

China Solar PV News Snippets

JinkoSolar has won a contract to supply 100 sets of SunGiga C&I liquid cooling ESS for a 21.5 MWh project in Shandong, China. (Photo Credit: JinkoSolar)

100-set contract for JinkoSolar’s SunGiga ESS; Jolywood’s updates on key projects; 4 GW wind + solar & energy storage project by China Huaneng; Gaoce’s Yibin wafer facility online; Leascend plans to raise capital; Xinba New Materials to invest in PV glass facility.

JinkoSolar to supply 100 sets of SunGiga ESS to Shandong: JinkoSolar has secured a contract to supply 100 sets of its C&I liquid cooling energy storage system, SunGiga (JKS-215KLAA-100PLAA), for a 21.5 MWh project in Shandong, China. The SunGiga system is characterized by its integrated Power Conversion System and LPF batteries, simplifying installation and saving space. Its modular design allows flexible battery configuration to meet specific requirements. The plug-and-play battery system is designed to power loads during peak times, reducing reliance on costly grid electricity and mitigating power shortages. SunGiga incorporates recirculating liquid cooling technology, along with features like intelligent temperature control, cluster-level management, insulation monitoring, and 5-level fire protection. The company says that these measures enhance stability, efficiency, and extend the system’s life cycle while minimizing losses in the power station.

Just this week, JinkoSolar announced that its subsidiary has granted rights to certain n-type TOPCon-related patents to a top 10 global solar module company (see China Solar PV News Snippets).

Jolywood’s progress report on key projects: n-type solar module manufacturer Jolywood has provided an update on multiple projects. The company has started operations at the 8 GW 1st phase of its 16 GW high-efficiency monocrystalline solar cell manufacturing facility. Equipment installation for the 8 GW 2nd phase is mostly complete with some production lines undergoing secondary allocation. The company’s industrial silicon and high-purity polycrystalline silicon manufacturing facility, totaling 200,000 tons and 100,000 tons, respectively, is under 3rd party evaluation after receiving the certificate for enterprise investment projects in Shanxi Province. Additionally, its 250 million sq. m. general-purpose solar PV backsheet recycling facility has gained the necessary approvals and is progressing actively.

Last month, Jolywood’s Senior R&D Director Keng Siew Chan discussed the company’s efficiency improvement technology of industrial production for TOPCon solar cells at the TaiyangNews annual flagship event (see TOPCon Part II: High Efficiency Solar Technologies Conference Day 3).

China Huaneng to set up 4 GW wind & solar + energy storage project: China Huaneng Eastern Inner Mongolia Company has signed a cooperation and development agreement with the Government of Huma County to set up a 4 GW wind & solar energy project along with energy storage. The company has also signed a cooperation framework agreement with the Daxing’anling Administration of Heilongjiang Province. The agreement aims to deepen cooperation in the new energy industry, contributing to basic energy security in the Daxing’anling region and constructing a green economy in the border areas.

Gaoce’s Yibin facility rolls out 1st wafer: Gaoce Technology has announced via WeChat that its Yibin (Phase I) 25 GW photovoltaic large silicon wafer fab has successfully produced its 1st silicon wafer. Utilizing the company’s proprietary GC-800XP diamond wire crystalline silicon slicing machine, the facility focuses on large size, thin wafers, thin lines, and intelligence, aiming to enhance production efficiency by reducing costs and increasing the number of wafers per kilogram.

Leascend Technology plans capital increase: Leascend Technology has announced its intention to increase the capital in its subsidiary, Meishan Leascend Technology. The company says that this move is in keeping with its strategic planning and operational development needs. The planned capital increase of RMB 400 million ($55.8 million) will be through another subsidiary, 35 Interconnect, to bolster Meishan Leascend’s competitiveness and market expansion.

Last month, Leascend announced that it had broken ground on a new 12 GW heterojunction (HJT) solar cell facility in Nantong City, Jiangsu Province (see China Solar PV News Snippets).

Xinba New Materials invests in PV glass facility: Jiangsu Xinba New Materials Technology Co. Ltd. has announced its plans to invest in a photovoltaic glass deep processing facility for dual-glass modules in the Jiangsu Lianshui Economic Development Zone. The facility, with an annual output of 22.8 million sq. m., involves a total investment of about RMB 1 billion ($139.5 million), with RMB 700 million ($97.6 million) allocated for fixed assets. The focus is on producing photovoltaic glass for double-glass modules to enhance the company’s overall strength and market competitiveness.

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