Extreme Weather Event Software to Protect Solar Trackers

Array Technologies’ New Software, Available On Paid Subscription, Gives Hailstorm Alert To Solar Tracker Asset

Extreme Weather Event Software to Protect Solar Trackers

Mitigating extreme weather risk: Array's new software feature issues preemptive hailstorm alert which brings the tracker in stow position. (Phooto Credit: Array Technologies))

  • Array has introduced its extreme weather event alert feature for trackers saying it is especially suitable during hail-storm  
  • It is offering the new software, which needs an on-site SmartController, on paid subscription basis 
  • The company says this software is compatible with its existing DuraTrack or OmniTrack systems in the US 
  • It ensures an encrypted communication between SmarTrack Data Platform and SmarTrack Controller 

USbased utility scale solar tracker maker Array Technologies recently expanded its software portfolio with the inclusion of a new patented hailstorm alert feature for hail-prone regions. The new software feature, says the company, is its ongoing effort to mitigate potential risk of PV asset damage during hailstorm event.  

The new advanced weather prediction algorithms of this new feature predict any potential hail event. It preemptively stows the trackers approximately 30 minutes before the hail event, according to the company. It claims this proactive approach ensures that solar assets are safeguarded against potential damage, enhancing the longevity and durability of the investment. Array’s new hail alert response software is compatible with its existing assets in the USA with DuraTrack or OmniTrack systems. The company is offering its new software on paid subscription basis. Apart from the subscription, one needs to have its SmartTrack controller for effective application of the hail alert feature. Acknowledging the importance of data protection and cyber security, the new feature enables secure encrypted communication between SmarTrack Data Platform and the on-site SmarTrack Controller, it adds. 

Array CEO, Kevin G. Hostetler says, With our patented Hail Alert Response, we’re offering our clients an exceptional layer of protection against the unpredictability of weather, while ensuring that solar projects remain productive and secure via encryption.” 

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