Germany Installed 780 MW New Solar In January 2023

Positive Start To German Solar Installations With 780 MW Capacity Installed In January 2023 Taking Cumulative To Over 68 GW, Says Bundesnetzagentur

Germany Installed 780 MW New Solar In January 2023

The graph here, machine translated from German language, shows Germany needs to install over 1.54 GW solar PV capacity on monthly basis to achieve its 215 GW target by 2030, but it added only 780 MW in January 2023. (Source: Bundesnetzagentur)

  • Germany starts the year with a strong 780 MW monthly addition of solar PV capacity in January 2023
  • It was installed in the form of 56,620 systems out which Bavaria region accounted the highest capacity of 202.7 MW
  • On cumulative basis, Germany had deploy over 2.7 million solar PV systems representing 68.1 GW capacity till January 2023-end

According to the German Federal Network Agency or Bundesnetzagentur, Germany installed 780 MW new solar PV capacity in the month of January 2023 which takes the country’s cumulative installed PV capacity to over 68.17 GW.

The addition is still way less than 1.5 GW the agency expects the country to install monthly if it is to meet the 215 GW aggregate target for this technology’s deployment by 2030.

Nevertheless, it gives a strong start to the market and bodes well for the rest of the year. Also, 780 MW was installed with 56,620 systems coming online which is the highest monthly deployment of systems since February 2022, according to the agency’s statistics.

January 2023 numbers are nearly twice as high as the December 2022 additions of 396 MW, which is an updated number from 350 MW the agency previously announced (see Germany Exited 2022 With 7.2 GW New Solar Installed).

Bavaria was the region with the highest capacity additions in the reported month having installed 202.7 MW, followed by 120.5 MW in North Rhine-Westphalia.

Also on cumulative basis, Bavaria continued to top the list of German regions with the largest volume of solar installed at 18.8 GW, followed by the other southern state, Baden-Württemberg having installed 8.37 GW, and North Rhine-Westphalia with 7.66 GW. Germany’s aggregate installed solar PV capacity of 68.1 GW is deployed through 2.7 million systems.

In comparison, Germany added 3 MW biomass, 54 MW onshore wind and 38 MW offshore wind capacity in January 2023.

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