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India’s Cumulative Solar Capacity Till February 2023 Exceeded 64 GW & More From MNRE, Gensol Engineering, ACME Group

India PV News Snippets

Solar energy additions in India from 2017-18 till February 2023 have increased by 51.65 GW to a total of 64.38 GW till February 2023.

India has installed 64.38 GW solar till February 2023; MNRE includes co-branded modules in ALMM; Gensol takes over Scorpius Trackers; Close to 5 GW solar parks approved for Bundelkhand; ACME signs $4 million deal with Airtouch Solar.

India’s solar power capacity exceeds 64 GW: Heading the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) RK Singh has announced India’s cumulative installed solar power capacity to have reached 64.38 GW till February 2023 out of 168.96 GW total renewable energy capacity. It is followed by 51.79 GW hydro, 42.02 GW wind and 10.77 GW bio power. Rajasthan leads solar power installations with over 14 GW. Gujarat with 7.6 GW. Singh also shared that between financial years of 2017-18 and 2022-23 (up to February 2023) the country installed 65.86 GW renewable energy capacity, with solar energy accounting for 51.65 GW. 

MNRE amends ALMM guidelines: MNRE has issued amendments to its Approved List of Models and Manufacturers (ALMM) guidelines to increase its scope to now include co-branded solar modules. It comprises 2 companies sharing enlisted manufacturing facilities wherein the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) allows the brand owner to use its facility to manufacture products for the brand owner. For this, both the brand owner as well as the OEM need to be enlisted in the ALMM. Brand owner can also apply for co-branding arrangement with different OEMs.

Gensol acquires Scorpius: Gensol Engineering has fully acquired India based solar tracker specialist Scorpius Trackers Pvt Ltd, calling it one of the largest providers of single-axis solar tracker solutions in India for INR 1.35 billion ($16.4 million). Scorpius has its own patented tracker controller, software and innovative structure design that Gensol says will help deliver faster payback periods and result in higher overall returns on investment. Scorpius has 600 MW operational capacity across India, Japan, Africa and Middle East, and has signed Letters of Intent (LOI) for 800 MW in hand. Gensol says with Scorpius, it will be able to offer end-to-end EPC solution that includes innovative solar tracking technology to its clients.

Solar parks approved for Bundelkhand: MNRE says the government has approved 8 solar parks with an aggregate capacity of 4.995 GW in Bundelkhand region. These are 1.2 GW Jalaun Solar Park, 800 MW Chitrakoot Solar Park, 65 MW Kalpi Solar Park, Lalitpur and Jhansi solar parks with 600 MW capacity each, 150 MW UP Solar Park in Jalaun district, 950 MW Chhatarpur Solar Park and 630 MW Barethi Solar Park. These are aimed at bringing various benefits as electricity generation, economic development, local direct and indirect employment, etc. around the area that they come up.

ACME hires Airtouch Solar: ACME Group has signed a multi-year deal worth $4 million for Israel based Airtouch Solar to supply and maintain solar panel cleaning robots for its solar power plant in Rajasthan. Airtouch will receive close to $1.5 million for the sale and installation agreement, and the 25-year operation & maintenance services agreement is expected to generate additional revenues in a total cumulative amount of nearly $2.5 million. ACME said it will further collaborate with Airtouch in its future projects.

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