Innovations in Wet-Chemical Solutions

Video: SCHMID Group’s Christian Buchner Presented Latest on Wet-Chemical Solutions for Solar Cell Manufacturing at TaiyangNews Conference

Dr Christian Buchner, Vice President Photovoltaics at SCHMID Group in his talk at the TaiyangNews Virtual Conference on Solar Cell Production Equipment & Processing Materials presented the latest on ‘Innovations in Wet-Chemical Solutions for State of the Art and Advanced Cell Architectures.’

He batted for in-line processing of silicon wafers versus batch process claiming that in the latter process the breakage is 2 times higher. Schmid has been using alkaline texturing process sequence since 2017 which it says provides up to 10.000 wafer per hour M12 throughput and uses no metal. It is suited for ultra-thin wafers, using full PVDF-PVC design with sophisticated thermal expansion management.

The company offers a wide variety of production tool platforms for various applications and most of these are integrated with a special feature.

The TaiyangNews conference took place on 28 February 2023 and had other eminent speakers from leading stakeholders in this solar segment like DK Electronic Materials, SSE, H2GEMINI, WAVELABS, HANS PV, Leadmicro.



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