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INES Head Anis Jouini Discussed Recent Solar Module Technology Developments In Keynote At TaiyangNews Solar Innovations 2023 Conference

Speaking at the TaiyangNews Solar Module Innovations Conference 2023, Anis Jouini, General Director of the French National Institute for Solar Energy (INES) pointed out one major change in PV technology industry over the years. So far there was a focus only on silicon solar cell innovations to increase its efficiency to 25% which now needs to be taken to mass production scale, he said. Jouini also batted for local manufacturing after factoring in carbon footprint of the PV industry when counted with regard to massive logistics and transportation costs, and not to forget the current energy crisis. To view the presentation of Jouini’s video, click on the main photo (the presentation starts after a short conference introduction).

The TaiyangNews Solar Module Innovations Conference took place on 31 January 2023 and saw world leading vertically integrated PV panel manufacturers discuss innovations that are taking place in solar module technology. To view the conference presentations and read the conference summary article, click buttons below.





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