• NT Government in Australia has bestowed Major Project Status to a 10 GW solar farm with 20 to 30 GWh of capacity
  • Proposed by Sun Cable, the project will supply close to a fifth of Singapore’s electricity needs
  • The $20 billion project will also provide long term, competitive stably priced renewable energy to Darwin
  • The NT government says for the ASPL project local contractors are being engaged while seeking to manufacture prefabricated solar farm technology in Darwin and Adelaide

Australia’s Northern Territory (NT) government has accorded Major Project Status to a $20 billion project – a huge 10 GW of solar farm with 20 to 30 GWh of storage facility. Sun Cable is developing this Australia-Singapore Power Link (ASPL) project. The dictionary word for a project of this scale is ‘Brobdingnagian,’ which literally means unusually great in size/scope/extent – and rightly so, since the NT government says it is the largest solar farm under development in the world.

Another gigantic RE project, the Asian Renewable Hub with 15 GW wind and solar PV capacity is planned in Pilbara, Western Australia; however, the individual solar share is not known. It is likely to be smaller than the of wind share though (see Wind & Solar Scaled Up To 15 GW For Asian RE Hub). The most advanced multi-GW scale project on a single site is being built in Dubai; the 5 GW solar power plant is planned to be completed by 2030; it comprises both solar PV and concentrated solar power technologies.

Power output from the Australian 10 GW project to be located near Tennant Creek will be used to supply long term, competitive and stably priced renewable energy to Darwin and Singapore markets through a high voltage direct current (HVDC) transmission line. According to Sun Cable’s website, it will use 3,800 kms of HVDC cable and 15,000 hectares of solar arrays to supply 3 GW of solar power to Singapore.

Sun Cable says the Tennant Creek project will produce approximately a fifth of Singapore’s electricity through solar power. The project is already engaging local contractors and will seek to manufacture prefabricated solar farm technology in Darwin and Adelaide, said the NT government.

During the development phase, integrating the ASPL into the developing ASEAN power grid will also be assessed.

The project has not yet received all regulatory approvals. A project development agreement (PDA) will now be negotiated between the NT government and Sun Cable Pty Ltd., which will prepare an environmental impact statement along with a territory benefit plan.

During construction period, the project is expected to create 1,000 jobs and on completion 300 operational jobs.

“The Northern Territory has an incredible opportunity to lead the world as a renewable energy hub – and seizing this opportunity will deliver thousands of local jobs,” said Chief Minister of NT Michael Gunner. “The Sun Cable project is a gamechanger for the Territory and will further our reputation around the world as a place to do business and invest.”