50,000 Solar Systems for Serb Republic

Bosnia & Herzegovina’s Serb Republic To Launch Public Call For 50,000 Small Scale Solar Power Plants

50,000 Solar Systems for Serb Republic

Minister of Energy and Mining Petar Đokić (in the picture) of the Serb Republic called the project for 250 MW solar capacity installation as a project of ‘special national importance’. (Photo Credit: Government of the Republic of Srpska)

  • Serb Republic will provide subsidies for 50,000 solar power systems to be installed with 250 MW combined capacity
  • It will be implemented by ERS that will operate and provide initial financial resources for the facilities
  • A competitive procurement process will pick interested households and business entities to host these projects

Serb Republic, one of the 2 entities of Bosnia and Herzegovina, has announced it will provide subsidies to a total of 250 MW solar PV capacity to be installed. It will support 50,000 PV projects for residential and commercial buildings, which means an average of 5 kW per installation.

Serb Republic’s Minister of Energy and Mining Petar Đokić said the government has adopted its proposal for the program for the installation of smaller solar plants on residential and commercial buildings in the region.

The program will be implemented by the local power utility Elektroprivreda Republike Srpske (ERS) that will be tasked with operating the solar power plants and also provide initial financial resources for the same.

The administration plans to shell out subsidies through a competitive procurement process for interested households and business entities. More information about the same will be released soon.

“We define this project as a project of special national importance and we believe that it is necessary, fully justified and in the best interest of the citizens and the economy of the Republika Srpska,” said Đokić.

In June 2022, Serb Republic launched an international call for solar companies to build an 80 MW solar power plant in Bileća municipality, to be located next to a 39.6 MW wind farm (see Call For 80 MW Solar PV In Serb Republic).

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