Approval Granted For 235 MW Solar Project In Australia

Wirsol Gets Development Approval For Hybrid Solar & Storage Facility In New South Wales

Approval Granted For 235 MW Solar Project In Australia

Pictured is a concept image of Maryvale Solar and Energy Storage Project for which Wirsol has secured development approval in NSW. (Source: Wirsol)

  • Wirsol’s Maryvale Solar and Energy Storage Project in New South Wales has secured development approval
  • The 235 MW solar with 190 MWh to 270 MWh storage project is a market 1st hybrid solar and storage facility, according to the company
  • It aims for construction to begin on site in late 2023, and commercial operations in early 2025

The New South Wales (NSW) Department of Planning, Industry and Environment has issued development approval for a 235 MW solar PV project with 190 MWh to 270 MWh energy storage capacity, prompting Wirsol to say it is now one step closer to building a ‘market 1st’ dispatchable solar plant.

A subsidiary of Germany’s Wircon Group, renewable energy developer and operator Wirsol is developing the Maryvale Solar and Energy Storage Project in Maryvale, 37 kms southeast of Dubbo, and is seeking grid connection for the projects. It plans to launch construction on site in late 2023, and start commercial operations in early 2025. Land will be available for sheep grazing post construction, allowing for dual use of land.

The solar part of the project will be ‘DC-coupled’ with storage component, meaning both the elements will be directly connected into the inverters around site.

“This means that solar or grid energy can be efficiently stored for later use when the market requires it. It also allows what is known as ‘clipped’ energy to be stored, thereby increasing the effective production of the photovoltaic components compared to a traditional solar plant,” explained Wirsol.

The Maryvale project was initially planned to have 160 MW DC/125 MW AC capacity by Photon Energy, Canadian Solar and Polpo Investments within Central-West Renewable Energy Zone (see Two Projects With 215 MW Capacity Cleared In NSW). In December 2021, Photon Energy sold its 65% stake in the project to Wirsol.

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