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Jolywood Increases Topcon Cell Prices & More From Eastern Shenghong, Shanghai HIUV, Laplace, LONGi

China PV News Snippets

Jolywood releases its latest TOPCon cell prices and there has been an increase of RMB 0.04/W in both single crystal n-type TOPCon cells and monocrystalline n-type TOPCon cells. (Photo Credit: Jolywood)

Jolywood TOPCon prices rise; Construction completed for Eastern Shenghong POE pilot plant; LONGi facility put into operation; Shanghai HIUV to set up film production factory; Laplace to invest in PV facility in Xixian

Jolywood increases TOPCon cell prices: N-type solar module manufacturer Jolywood has released its latest TOPCon cell prices. Here are the details:

  • For single crystal n-type TOPCon cells, the price of 140μm bifacial 182 cells has increased by RMB 0.04/W ($0.0056 /W) and is now priced at RMB 1.44/W ($0.20/W)
  • For monocrystalline n-type TOPCon cells, the price of 140μm double-sided 210 cells has also increased by RMB 0.04/W ($0.0056/W) and is now priced at RMB 1.45/W ($$0.20/W)

Eastern Shenghong POE pilot plant construction completed: Civilian polyester filament yarns company Eastern Shenghong announced that its wholly-owned subsidiary Jiangsu Sierbang Petrochemical has completed the construction of its 800 t/a POE (polyolefin elastomer) pilot plant and has begun production. This plant can produce both photovoltaic grade EVA (ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer) and POE (polyolefin elastomer) for encapsulation of solar modules.

15 GW cell facility of LONGi put into operation: A 15 GW high-efficiency monocrystalline cell facility of Chinese vertically integrated solar PV company LONGi has been put into operation, local media reports said. Once the facility achieves its full production capacity in 2023, it will be able to produce 10 million cells per day, with an annual output value of about RMB 30 billion ($4.2 billion).  Recently, LONGi had stated that it has won the TOPCon module power generation simulation and the BIPV module comprehensive performance awards at the 2022 TÜV Rheinland China Photovoltaic Festival in Hefei (see China PV News Snippets).

Shanghai HIUV to set up film production factory in Vietnam: Solar module encapsulation supplier Shanghai HIUV New Materials said that it will be setting up a polymer special film production factory project in Vietnam through self-raised funds.  The investment is expected to be RMB 705 million ($99 million) and the construction will take about three years. During this period, the production capacity for about 50-100,000 square meters of high-efficiency cell encapsulation film annually will be developed at different stages. A series of special polymer film products such as EVA film and POE film for solar photovoltaic packaging is expected to be produced at this plant.

Laplace to invest in PV facility in Xixian: High-tech equipment manufacturer Laplace has signed up for a photovoltaic and semiconductor process equipment R&D and manufacturing facility in Xixian. The focus of this facility will be to research, develop and manufacture solar photovoltaic cell process equipment (thermal process, coating and supporting products) and core components. Spread across 40 acres, the investment on this facility will be about RMB 1.5 billion ($0.21 billion). Once the facility becomes operational, about RMB 2 billion ($0.28 billion) annual operating income is expected.

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