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DAS Solar Announces n-Type Product Prices & More From Hebang, Golden Glass, Lushan

China PV News Snippets

Announcing the quotes for its n-type cells and modules, DAS Solar said that the price of its 182 bifacial cells has risen by RMB 0.02/watt. (Photo Credit: DAS Solar)

DAS Solar releases n-type battery and module prices; Hebang Biotechnology to sell 2.5 billion monocrystalline silicon wafers; Golden Glass & REC enter sales deal; Lushan New Materials to set up PV base in Guangzhou.

DAS Solar announces n-type cell and module prices: Chinese solar PV cell and module supplier DAS Solar has released the latest prices for its n-type products. When compared to the August prices:

  • The single-watt price of 182 bifacial cells has risen from RMB 1.40 ($0.19) to RMB 1.42 ($0.2), an increase of RMB 0.02 ($0.0027)
  • The price of 182 bifacial double-glass modules remained stable, and the price per watt was RMB 2.16 ($0.30).

In September this year, DAS Solar had launched a new 54 version SMBB module (see China PV News Snippets)

Hebang Biotechnology subsidiary inks RMB 19.5 billion wafer sales deal:  Chemical company Hebang Biotechnology, which is also involved in photovoltaic glass and solar modules supply,  said that its holding subsidiary, wafer maker Anhui Fuxing New Energy Technology Co., Ltd., will be selling about 2.5 billion monocrystalline silicon wafers to solar power generation company, Anhui Royal Green Energy Technology Co., Ltd., The sales amount is estimated to be about RMB 19.5 billion (tax included), and the transaction period will be from May 1, 2023 to December 31, 2027.

Golden Glass signs cell deal with REC Solar: Supplier of high-end special building glass, Golden Glass announced that its holding subsidiary JG Solar has signed a HJT cell sales deal with Singapore based solar panel maker REC Solar Pte. Ltd.. With this, the cumulative orders of the company have now touched RMB 251 million ($34.5 million), which accounts for 78.39% of the company’s audited main business income of 2021. Meanwhile, in June this year, Golden Glass said it had started shipping its 700 W+ heterojunction high-efficiency module (see China PV News Snippets).

Lushan New Materials to set up PV production base in Guangzhou: Solar PV encapsulation film supplier Lushan New Materials revealed its plans of establishing Lushan New Materials Photovoltaic Industry base and Photoelectric New Energy Industry Innovation base in Guangzhou Development Zone. The facilities will be engaged in research and development, production and sale of new energy functional materials, OCA optical film, solar cell packaging film and other products The investment will be about RMB 825 million ($113.4 million), and once the project is completed, the annual revenue will be about RMB 1.8 billion ($0.25 billion).


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