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DAS Solar Announces n-Type Cell & Modules Prices & More From JA Solar, Aiko, ROYAL GROUP, Crown Advanced Materials, China Longyuan

China PV News Snippets

The latest prices released by DAS Solar for its n-type cells and modules show that they are lower than the November prices. (Photo Credit: DAS Solar)

DAS Solar prices released for n-type cell and modules; JA Solar to build PV Intellectual Operation Center; Aiko Solar to issue GDR; ROYAL GROUP partners with Hiking PV; Crown Advanced Material to invest in new solar backsheets facility; China Longyuan to build new energy project in Xinjiang.

DAS Solar n-type cell & modules prices announced: Releasing the latest prices for its n-type cells and modules, Chinese solar PV module and cell supplier DAS Solar said:

  • The price of its 182 bifacial monocrystalline n-type cells (mainstream efficiency ≥ 25.2%) is now at RMB 1.05/W ($0.14/W), which is RMB 0.35/W ($0.045/W) lower than the previous price of November, a drop of 25.00% (24.32%)
  • The quotation of 182 bifacial double-glass n-type modules (mainstream power ≥ 575W) is RMB 1.9/W ($0.25/W), which is RMB 0.18/W ($0.015/W) lower than the previous price of November, a drop of 8.65% (5.66%)

DAS Solar had released its n-type cell and module prices last time in November (see China PV News Snippets)

JA Solar gets approval for PV Intellectual Operation Center: Solar PV panel manufacturer JA Solar through WeChat said that it has got the necessary approvals to build a photovoltaic intellectual operation center. This will be the first national-level intellectual operation center in the field of photovoltaic manufacturing (excluding polysilicon).  This clearly shows the country’s confidence in JA Solar’s scientific and technological strength in the field of photovoltaic manufacturing, the company emphasized.

Aiko Solar to issue GDR: Chinese solar cell producer Aiko Solar announced its plans to issue global depositary receipts (GDR). The company has already applied to be listed on the Swiss Stock Exchange. GDR uses newly issued ordinary shares (A shares) of the company as the underlying securities. As per the announcement, the new A-shares of underlying securities represented by the company’s issuance of GDRs shall not exceed 10% of the company’s total share capital. Based on this calculation, no more than 130 million shares will be issued. This move is expected to grow the company’s competitiveness and also enhance their business development.

ROYAL GROUP partners with Hiking PV for solar R&D: The 4th listed company in the Chinese dairy industry, the Royal Group announced that its holding subsidiary, ROYAL Agri-Photovoltaic Complementary (Guangxi) Technology Co., Ltd., has signed an agreement with Hiking PV, a new energy technology company dedicated to the R&D, manufacturing, and application of new solar cells. Both the companies will jointly promote R&D and application of TOPCon/perovskite laminated cell  technology. Valid for 2 years, the agreement states that Hiking PV will be responsible for the research and development of TOPCon/perovskite stack cell technology, and will provide technical support and services for effectively improving the efficiency of ROYAL GROUP TOPCon cells.

Crown Advanced Material to invest in solar backsheets: New composite film material producer Crown Advanced Material announced plans to invest in a solar backsheet and functional film production facility and said it has signed an agreement with the Feidong People’s Government. To carry out the investment, construction and operation of the facility, the company has established a wholly-owned subsidiary. With an investment of RMB 5 billion ($0.74 billion), the facility will be developed in 2 phases. In the first phase, the construction will take place in about 200,000 square meters, and will see an annual production of 300 million m2 of solar backsheets and 200 million m2 of functional films.

China Longyuan to build 5 GW solar and wind project capacity in Xinjiang: New technologies developer China Longyuan and the People’s Government of Mulei Kazakh Autonomous County have signed an agreement to invest in a 5 GW new energy project, the company said via WeChat. Located in Mulei Kazakh in Xinjiang, the project will include 2 GW PV and 3 GW wind power projects. An energy storage of 1.25 GW is also being planned. The move will enable Xinjiang to help improve its local energy scenario and progress further in green development, Longyuan said.


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