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Fortune Energy Invests In TOPCon & HJT Cell Production & More From Huaneng Clean Energy, MedicalSystem, APsystems

China PV News Snippets

Understanding the future of the photovoltaic market, Fortune Energy invests RMB 7 billion in n-type high-efficiency solar cells (TOPCON and HJT) facilities in Jiaxing. (Photo Credit: Fortune Energy)

Fortune Energy signs for TOPCON and HJT production facilities;  Huaneng Clean Energy perovskite PV module achieves 18.5% efficiency; MedicalSystem subsidiary to invest in monocrystalline cells; APsystems, DBG & TDG-tech sign cooperation agreement.

Fortune Energy invests in TOPCon & HJT cell production: Solar power systems operator Fortune Energy announced over WeChat that it has signed for production facilities of n-type high-efficiency solar cells (TOPCON and HJT) in Jiaxing, Zhejiang. The investment is about RMB 7 billion ($1.03 billion). Having done a thorough assessment of the future of the photovoltaic market, the company firmly believes that n-type monocrystalline TOPCon and HJT cells have a large market space and investment value. Keeping this in mind and to adapt to the changes that will happen to the photovoltaic market, the company said that it is now focused on investing in a new generation of n-type high-efficiency solar cells.

Huaneng Clean Energy perovskite PV module achieves 18.5% efficiency: Clean energy technology research and development institution directly under China Huaneng Group, Huaneng Clean Energy Research Institute, said via WeChat that its 3,500 cm2 large-area perovskite photovoltaic module has achieved a third-party test efficiency of over 18%. This is supposed to be the highest value reported for modules of the same level – at home and abroad, the company claimed. With full-process process development capabilities from laboratory-level small-area cells to module-level cells, the institute is reported to have achieved positive results for a series of research and development that it had undertaken. In November 2022, Huaneng Clean Energy established a perovskite working group (see China PV News Snippets)

MedicalSystem to invest RMB 1.86 bn in monocrystalline cells: Clinical informatics and digital hospital solutions provider, MedicalSystem Company, said that its wholly-owned subsidiary, Xinhao New Energy, plans to partner with the Anzhou District People’s Government of Mianyang City. This partnership will see the company build a 9 GW high-efficiency monocrystalline cells factory. With an estimated investment of about RMB 1.8 billion ($0.26 billion), the facility will be spread across 300 mu of land. The construction is expected to begin within 24 months after the signing the agreement. In June 2022, MedicalSystem had announced its plans to build a PV industrial park including cell production (see China PV News Snippets)

APsystems, DBG & TDG-tech join hands: Solar microinverter technology company APsystems said over WeChat that it has signed an agreement with design and engineering company DBG and TDG-tech, which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of TDG that is into electronics manufacturing services. All three companies will make full use of their respective resource advantages and strengthen industrial cooperation. Once this cooperation is successful, this year DBG and TDG-tech will guarantee APsystems the supply of inverter products that can adapt to 8 million modules.

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