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Trina Wins SPIC’s PV Power Station Bid & More From DAS Solar, Haitai Solar, Lyric Robot, HIUV New Materials

China PV News Snippets

With Trina Solar winning the bid, SPIC’s Shanxi Lingshi 100 MW wind-solar-storage integrated photovoltaic project will be using the company’s 210R Vertex 580W series modules. (Photo Credit: Trina Solar)

SPIC’s 100 MW mountain PV power station to use Trina modules; DAS Solar releases n-type product prices; Haitai Solar to invest in 3 GW n-type PV project; Lyric Robot to raise RMB 3.31 billion; HIUV New Materials 2022 reports steep total profits decline

Trina Solar wins SPIC’s 100 MW mountain PV power station bid: Over a WeChat communication, Chinese solar module manufacturer Trina Solar said that it has won the bid from SPIC Shaanxi Company for the Shanxi Lingshi 100 MW wind-solar-storage integrated photovoltaic project. With this win, Trina’s 210R Vertex 580W series modules will be used in the project, which is located amid low mountains and hills of Lingshi County, with an average altitude of about 1,200 meters to 1,500 meters. On completion of this project, the average annual power generation may exceed 170,000 MWh in 25 years.

DAS Solar increases n-type product prices: Releasing new prices for its n-type products, Chinese solar PV module and cell supplier DAS Solar said over WeChat that:

  • the price of 182 bifacial monocrystalline n-type cells (mainstream efficiency ≥ 25.2%) is now at RMB 1.12/W ($0.143/W), which is RMB 0.07/W ($0.003/W) higher than the previous price, an increase of 6.67% (2.14%)
  • the price of 182 bifacial double-glass n-type modules (mainstream power ≥ 575W) is now at RMB 1.93/W ($0.246/W), which is RMB 0.03/W ($0.004/W) higher than the previous price, an increase of 1.58% (1.6%).

Here is how DAS Solar had priced its n-type products recently (see China PV News Snippets).

Haitai Solar to invest in 3 GW n-type PV facility: Green energy company Haitai Solar announced that it plans to build a 3 GW high-efficiency n-type solar photovoltaic module facility in Haigang District. Spread across 200mu, the facility will attract an investment of RMB 620 million. Recently, Haitai Solar declared a net profit of RMB 118 million in the year 2022 (see China PV News Snippets)

Lyric Robot to raise RMB 3.31 billion: Lithium-ion battery equipment company, Lyric Robot, announced its plans to issue shares to the tune of RMB 3.31 billion ($0.48 billion). After deducting the issuance expenses, the raised funds will be used to build East China photovoltaic high-end equipment production base and the high-efficiency solar cell facilities. This move is expected to speed up the company’s HJT cell equipment initiatives as the focus will be mainly on research and development, and production of high-end photovoltaic equipment, especially the HJT cell equipment.

While HIUV New Materials 2022 total profits fall steeply: Releasing its 2022 annual performance report, high-tech film technology enterprise HIUV New Materials said that it has realized a total operating income of RMB 5.3 billion ($0.77 billion), a year-on-year increase of 71.4%; and a total profit of RMB 33.4 million ($4.8 million), a YoY decrease of 87.8%. One of the main reasons for the fall in profit, the company said, was due to the rising cost of polysilicon materials during the reporting period. Fall in the demand for adhesive films due to rising module costs, and changes in customer orders reduced the profit.


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