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Astronergy n-Type Modules For Europe Biggest Topcon PV Plant & More From Jinchen Solar, UtmoLight, JH Solar Mingyang Smart Energy

China PV News Snippets

Astronergy has delivered 154.4 MWdc of ASTRO N5 TOPCon PV modules to Germany for the TOPCon PV plant in Döllen, which is currently one of the country’s largest open space PV parks. (Photo Credit: Astronergy)

Astronergy delivers 154.4 MW of  TOPCon modules to Germany; Jinchen Solar raises RMB 1 billion;  UtmoLight’s perovskite PV module efficiency touches 19.9%; JH Solar to invest in 10 GW solar module facility; Mingyang Smart Energy announces breakthrough in perovskite cells.

Astronergy n-type modules for Europe biggest TOPCon PV plant: PV module manufacturer Astronergy announced that it has recently delivered about 154.4 MWdc of ASTRO N5 TOPCon PV modules to Germany. This is meant for Europe’s biggest TOPCon PV plant in Döllen (Brandenburg), which is being financed by the CEE Group and developed by Antlike Solar. Currently one of Germany’s largest open space PV parks, the Döllen PV project will sell energy on a PPA-basis, and be also part of climate stabilizing, energy rate reduction and power independence initiatives. Once the project is connected to the grid later this year, it will supply over 150,000 MWh of green electricity annually. At the TaiyangNews Solar Module Innovations 2023 conference, Astronergy presented its roadmap towards achieving 34 GW+ TOPCon module capacity.

Jinchen Solar raises RMB 1 billion for PVD equipment: Chinese production equipment supplier announced that it has raised about RMB 1 billion ($0.14 billion) for its East China base project and its high-efficiency cell PVD equipment facility. With this funding, the company will be able to further research, develop, and industrialize HJT-PVD equipment. This company feels that its cell automation equipment, screen printing technology, and HJT PECVD equipment can come together to form the core equipment of the HJT whole line, and that different equipment and technologies can synergize and further reduce the cost of HJT whole line.

UtmoLight’s perovskite PV module efficiency touches 19.9%: Over a WeChat communication, China based solar technology company Wuxi Utmost Light Technology Co Ltd (UtmoLight) said that the conversion efficiency of its 809.8 cm2 large-scale perovskite photovoltaic module has touched 19.9%. This was tested and certified by the international authority – JET and is supposed to be the highest efficiency record for large-scale perovskite modules in the industry, the company added. Last year, Utmost Light had achieved 18.2% efficiency for its perovskite solar module over a large area of 756 cm² (see 18.2% Efficiency For Large Size Perovskite Solar Module)

JH Solar to invest in 10 GW solar module facility: Solar photovoltaic module manufacturing enterprise JH Solar and the Anhui Fuyang Economic Development Zone held a signing ceremony for a solar module facility with an annual output of 10 GW, local media reports said. The investment will be about RMB 5 billion ($0.72 billion), and once put into production is expected to achieve an annual sales of RMB 11.5 billion ($1.67 billion). In January, JH Solar had partnered with ROPYAL to expand into the cell  and module market (see China PV News Snippets)

Mingyang Smart Energy announces new efficiency record in perovskite cells: Thin-film photovoltaic R&D team of Mingyang Smart Energy said over WeChat that the efficiency of the cell on a 5×5 substrate has reached 22.30%, creating a new record for the efficiency of perovskite thin-film cells. This, the team said is a major breakthrough in the development of perovskite cells. Earlier this year, Mingyang Smart Energy said that it has achieved production milestone for 5 GW high efficiency heterojunction (HJT) solar cell and 2 GW high efficiency HJT module facilities (see China PV News Snippets)

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