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DAS Solar Announces Latest N-Type Product Prices & More From TaiyangNews, Goodwe, TCL Zhonghuan, Lingda, Fusion, Boamax

China Solar PV News Snippets

Announcing n-product prices, DAS Solar said that it has lowered the prices of 182 bifacial monocrystalline n-type cells and 182 bifacial double-glass n-type modules. (Photo Credit: DAS Solar)

DAS Solar lowers n-type product prices; Watch TaiyangNews interview Trina President; Goodwe energy park begins construction; TCL Zhonghuan Guangde cell facility commissioned; Lingda to invest in PV facility; Boamax to build HJT fab; Fusion acquires stake in Linton; Boamax to construct HJT cell and module facility.

DAS Solar announces latest n-type product prices: Over WeChat, Chinese solar PV module and cell supplier DAS Solar announced the price of its n-type products. Here are the details:

  • The 182 bifacial monocrystalline n-type cells (with a mainstream efficiency ≥ 25.3%) is now priced at RMB 1.05/W ($0.131/W), which is RMB 0.15/W ($ 0.023/W) lower than the previous announcement, a drop of 12.50% (14.94%)
  • The 182 bifacial double-glass n-type modules (with a mainstream power ≥ 580W) is now priced at RMB 1.75/W ($0.218/W), which is RMB 0.20/W ($ 0.032/W) lower than the previous price (April 30), a drop of 10.26% (12.80%)

The company added that it is worth noting that the mainstream power of the 182 bifacial double-glass n-type modules in April was labelled as not less than 575 W. DAS Solar will be part of the upcoming TaiyangNews Global PV System Technology Trends H1/2023 Virtual Conference, which will take place on 27-28 June 2023. For free registration to the Conference, please click here.

TaiyangNews exclusive interview with President, Trina Solar: Watch this interview with Trina Solar President Jifan Gao. As part of TaiyangNews and SNEC-Solar Leadership Conversations at SNEC Dialogue & Conference & Exhibition 2023 event in China’s Shanghai, Managing Director of TaiyangNews, Michael Schmela, had the opportunity to talk to several leaders from the solar industry, among the founder and President of Trina Solar, one of the world’s largest solar companies. TaiyangNews is now publishing the videos on a daily basis. To listen to the visions of these solar thought leaders, please click on this link.

Goodwe New Energy Industrial Park begins construction: Solar inverter manufacturer Goodwe has begun the construction of the first phase of its New Energy facility in Guangde, local media reported. Spread across 229.5 mu, the facility in the first phase will have an annual output of 20 GW solar inverters and an annual energy storage cell production capacity of 2.7 GWh. The total investment is about RMB 1.26 billion ($0.18 billion). Meanwhile, Goodwe has been showing consistent growth in 2022 and the first quarter of 2023 (see China Solar PV News Snippets)

TCL Zhonghuan 6 GW TOPCon cell facility commissioned: Leading solar wafer supplier TCL Zhonghuan New Energy Technology’s 6 GW TOPCon solar cell facility in Fengtai has been commissioned, local media outlets reported. With this, the company completes the construction of both the phases – the first being a 2 GW solar module facility; and the second phase being a 6 GW TopCon solar cell facility. Once the facility is put into operation, the total investment will be about RMB 3.2 billion ($0.45 billion) and the annual production value is expected to be about RMB 8 billion ($1.1 billion)

Lingda to invest RMB 9.15 billion in PV cell facility: Solar PV power generation firm Lingda Group announced that the company, along with Tongling Shizishan High-tech Zone Management, will be jointly investing in a 20 GW high-efficiency photovoltaic cell facility in Shizishan High-tech Zone. Lingda will be investing RMB 9.15 billion ($1.29 billion) and will be holding 80% of the equity. The facility will be built in two phases – the first phase will be that of a 10 GW-Topcon cell facility; while the second phase will see the construction of a 5 GW-Topcon cell facility and a 5 GW HJT cell facility.

Fusion Materials acquires stake in Linton Materials: Solar metallization supplier Fusion Materials announced that it will be acquiring the controlling stake in Linton Materials, an electronic-grade silver powder research, development and production company. By investing RMB 120 million ($16.9 million) and acquiring a 69.36% stake, Linton Materials becomes a subsidiary of Fusion. This move is aligned to the company’s business strategy of increasing investment in powder research and development and mass production. The company also plans to expand in the fields of photovoltaic new energy and semiconductor electronics, and this acquisition will help it reduce the cost of raw materials.

Boamax to build HJT cell and module facility in Huaiyuan: CNC sheet metal technology company Suzhou Boamax Technologies Group said via a WeChat communication that it plans to invest RMB 5.5 billion ($0.77 billion) in a 6 GW heterojunction photovoltaic cell production facility, and a 6 GW photovoltaic modules facility in Huaiyuan County. The construction will take place in two phases – the first phase will be a 2 GW cell and 2 GW module facility, and the second phase will be a 4 GW cell and a 4 GW module facility. Boamax had reported significant profit growth in 2022 (see China Solar PV News Snippets)


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