Germany Installed 731 MW Solar In March 2022

Q1/2022 New Solar PV Capacity In Germany Adds Up To Over 1.5 GW, Says Bundesnetzagentur

Germany Installed 731 MW Solar In March 2022

Assuming Germany continues to install 1.5 GW solar capacity in all the remaining quarters of 2022, the country could exit the year with some 6 GW solar PV capacity, compared to 5.26 GW in 2021.

  • Bundesnetzagentur says it registered 731.33 MW of new solar PV capacity in March 2022
  • It is an improvement over 554 MW installed a year back and 427.58 MW in February 2022
  • During Q1/2022, the numbers have now added up to over 1.5 new PV capacity

After a lull of initial 2 months, German solar PV installations have picked steam as Bundesnetzagentur counts 731.329 MW of new PV capacity having been registered with the federal power regulator in the month of March 2022.

The numbers comprise 348 MW as having come up outside the country’s subsidy scheme Renewable Energy Sources (EEG). In March 2021, the country installed 548 MW and in March 2020 369 MW of solar power capacity (see Germany Installed 403 MW Solar PV Capacity In May 2021).

In comparison, the country registered 419.52 MW new PV capacity in January 2022, and 427.58 MW in February 2022. Numbers for February 2022 have been adjusted by the Federal Network Agency as it previously stated the same as 422.13 MW (see Germany Installed 422 MW Solar In Feb’ 22).

While the agency does not specify the reasons for this significant monthly increase in registrations, one can safely assume the increase in interest is driven by the sky rocketing electricity prices and the Russian invasion of Ukraine, creating fear about energy security.

With this, the country has locked in 1.578 GW of new solar in Q1/2022 compared to 1.32 GW a year back (see Germany Installed 548 MW New Solar In March 2021).

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