Green Hydrogen For Mobility In Oman

Oman Shell To Provide Solar Powered Green Hydrogen Cars To Oman Airports

Green Hydrogen For Mobility In Oman

Oman Airports will get solar power generated green hydrogen cars for corporate use under the Green Hydrogen for Mobility project of Oman Shell. (Photo Credit: Oman Airports)

  • Oman Shell has signed a MoU with Oman Airports to supply it with up to 15 green hydrogen cars for corporate use, under phase I
  • Green hydrogen for this project will be produced using solar energy plants which Oman Shell will install at fueling stations related to the project
  • The company said it will also provide its expertise and inputs for hydrogen generation to local authorities

Oman Shell has entered a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to supply up to 15 green hydrogen powered cars, produced with solar energy, to Oman Airports for the latter’s corporate usage under phase I of the project.

The local presence of oil and gas major Shell, previously Royal Dutch Shell, Oman Shell said it will develop hydrogen production units powered by solar PV power plants and installed at fueling units related to the project. These units will be strategically selected to maximize benefits to the project.

Oman Shell will said it will work closely with local regulatory bodies to provide its hydrogen expertise and input as the country brings in necessary regulations to establish itself as a strong hydrogen economy. According to a November 2021 Oman Observer report, Head of Energy Renewal at Petroleum Development Oman, Dr Abdullah Abri said the country estimates potential for blue and green hydrogen for itself as around 1 GW by 2025, 10 GW by 2030 and around 30 GW by 2040.

“Working with Oman Airports for the hydrogen for mobility project will help our efforts to support the Oman Vision 2040 energy objectives. It is also in line with Shell’s Powering Progress Strategy and our target to become a net-zero-emission energy business by 2050, in step with society,” said Oman Shell’s VP and Country Chairman Walid Hadi.

The company counts the Green Hydrogen for Mobility project as its 6th Gift to the Nation (GttN) under which the company launches a new project every 5 years with an aim to contribute to the region’s socio-economic betterment. This one builds on the company’s previous GttN projects as Solar into Schools and Sohar Solar Qabas.

Interest in green hydrogen is growing globally and especially in Oman where several large scale projects have been announced in the recent past including 1.8 million tons of green hydrogen production plan of OQ, InterContinental Energy and EnerTech which will be produced with 25 GW of solar and wind energy (see 25 GW Solar & Wind For Oman’s Green Hydrogen Project).

In January 2022, another oil company bp signed a Strategic Framework Agreement (SFA) with Oman’s Energy Ministry to scan land and collect solar and wind data in the country which can be established to produce renewable hydrogen (see Renewables Data Collection Agreement For Oman).

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