Over 3.3 GW New Solar In Spain In 2021

REE Says Spain’s Aggregate Solar PV Capacity Till 2021-End Exceeded 15 GW

Over 3.3 GW New Solar In Spain In 2021

While wind energy remains the largest installed power generation source in Spain with a cumulative 28.17 GW till the end of 2021, solar PV capacity is also steadily improving its share, accounting for over 15 GW, according to REE. (Source: Red Eléctrica Group)

  • Spain’s REE says the country installed 3.36 GW of new solar PV capacity in the year 2021
  • This is a growth of 28.8% on annual basis, compared to 2.93 GW it reported for 2020
  • In the national power generation mix, solar’s electricity production went up by 36.7%

With the addition of 3.36 GW new solar power capacity in 2021, Spain’s cumulative installed capacity of this clean power generation resource at the end of last year exceeded 15 GW, according to the country’s national electricity grid operator Red Electrica de Espana (REE).

This is higher than the REE’s previous estimate of 2.3 GW new solar capacity addition in 2021 (see Spain Installed 2.3 GW New Solar In 2021).

According to REE, this is a growth of 28.8% over 2020 when the annual additions were counted as 2.93 GW, expanding its electricity production to increase by 36.7%. In all, renewable power generation capacity additions in 2021 were over 4 GW taking cumulative to 63.89 GW. This represents 56.6% of the national power generation capacity of 112.84 GW.

In comparison, aggregate wind power generation capacity of the country as of 2021-end was 28.17 GW, and that of combined cycle was 26.25 GW, hydroelectric 17.09 GW, among others.

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