Partnership To Reduce Solar System Costs For Australian Tenants

4 PV Companies Join Hands To Offer Lower Cost Solar Equipment Package For Multi-Tenanted Buildings In Australia

Partnership To Reduce Solar System Costs For Australian Tenants

The Solar Social Housing Package of 4 solar companies in Australia aims to offer an alternative to high electricity bills to apartment residents by providing them access to solar sharing technology, the partners say. (Photo Credit: Allume Energy)

  • Australian renewable energy companies have joined hands to target multi-tenant social housing societies for solar energy
  • Together they have proposed a package offering discount for solar system installations and sharing of solar energy between the tenants
  • The partners claim this move is aimed at expanding access to solar energy to social housing segment and reducing power bills that are on a rise in the country

Four renewable energy companies—Allume Energy, AXITEC Energy, Clenergy and Fronius Australia—have come together to announce a Solar Social Housing Package for multi-tenant social housing building residents in Australia that they believe will make installing and sharing solar energy a low-cost solution in times of increasing cost of energy in the country.

Allume is a solar technology company for shared PV systems, AXITEC is a module maker, Clenergy produces PV mounting structures and Fronius is an inverter maker.

Apartments make up a significant proportion of social housing in Australia, according to Allume and with the partnership they propose a reduced-cost package that can expand clean energy access for the occupants of these buildings.

Local renewables news portal RenewEconomy says Australia will see a hike of between 19% to 22% in its power prices from July 1, 2023 under the Australian Energy Regulator’s Default Market Offer.

According to the partners, their package offers a discount on solar panels, rooftop PV mounting equipment, smart meters and solar sharing technology amounting to around $3,750. With this, they are targeting social housing providers to provide access to solar energy to the residents of their multi-tenanted buildings who otherwise wouldn’t invest in solar due to upfront capital requirement.

“It is crucial that apartment residents can access clean, affordable energy, particularly social housing tenants, who are often disproportionately affected by the rising cost of energy. Communities shouldn’t have to decide between putting food on the table and heating their homes,” said Allume CEO Cameron Knox.

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