Microcrystalline HJT Solar Cells

Video: GS-Solar Presented About Development of Micro-Crystalline HJT Cells Using Mass Production Equipment At TaiyangNews Conference

Jinyan Zhang, General Manager GS-Solar’s R&D Department, at the TaiyangNews Virtual Conference on Solar Cell Production Equipment & Processing Materials, said that 13.56 MHz is ‘perfect’ for large chamber PECVD equipment used for mass production of microcrystalline HJT cells. He also shared that the champion efficiency of microcrystalline HJT cells from mass production line is 26% for the Chinese turnkey HJT production line supplier while that of bifacial microcrystalline HJT module is 24.46%.

The TaiyangNews conference took place on 28 February 2023 and had other speakers from leading stakeholders in the cell production equipment field like DK Electronic Materials, H2GEMINI, SCHMID Group, WAVELABS, HANS PV, Leadmicr .



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