More Solar For Mountains In Switzerland

Repower’s 12 MW Alpine Solar Plant That Could Power Madrisa Mountain Railway & Local Households

More Solar For Mountains In Switzerland

Madrisasolar Project is proposed by Repower to be located around 2,000 meters above sea level in the Swiss Alps. (Photo Credit: Repower)

  • Repower has announced plans to develop an alpine solar power plant in Switzerland
  • The 12 MW project is to be located at the Madrisa Mountain Railway in Klosters Municipality
  • It is expected to generate over 17 GWh annually that can power the mountain railway entirely as well as around 3,500 households

Electricity supplier Repower in Switzerland is planning to build a 12 MW alpine solar power plant, around 2,000 meters above sea level, at the Madrisa Mountain Railway that it says could power both the railway as well as around 3,500 households thanks to more than 17 GWh it is anticipated to generate on completion.

Repower has found support for the project in the Municipality of Klosters and Klosters-Madrisa Bergbahmen AG for Madrisasolar Project. It is proposed to be equipped with close to 30,000 south facing modules. Power to be generated is likely to be higher in winter months, which is the whole purpose of solar plants high up in the alpine region where the sunshine is brightest (see EPFL Study Recommends Solar & Wind In Swiss Alps).

Spread in some 150,000 sq. mtr. area, the planned alpine solar system is anticipated to help power the mountain railway system entirely.

“The yield of solar power, especially in the important winter months, is particularly high at this location. And the electricity is produced where it is also partly needed. The consumption and production profile of the mountain railway and Madrisasolar match each other perfectly, so that the Madrisa mountain railway could be operated entirely with solar power,” said Repower.

Located in the Klosters region, Madrisa is popular for its beautiful alpine landscape that carries tourist value. The solar project will make use of existing infrastructure that will save on costs.

Currently, the electricity utility is carrying out an environmental impact assessment (EIA) for the project to be located on land owned by the municipality. Repower will own and operate project.

Repower credited the ‘easing of the political framework’ for alpine solar systems as the background for Madrisasolar project. In November 2022, the Federal Council of Switzerland announced plans to auction solar capacity, especially in the Alpine region (see Switzerland To Launch Solar Auctions For 150 kW & Above).

In May 2023, another local utility Axpo revealed its plans for a 10 MW alpine solar plant for mountain railway in Disentis Ski Area (see Solar Power For Swiss Ski Destination).

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