April 25, 2023: Distributed Solar & Storage Conference 2023

Product Trends For Increasing Energy Independence of Buildings

April 25, 2023: Distributed Solar & Storage Conference 2023

TaiyangNews Distributed Solar & Storage Conference

April 25, 2023

Fired up by the global fossil energy crises resulting in skyrocketing energy crises, demand for distributed solar has reached unknown heights. Even in the world’s largest solar PV market, China, distributed solar was the main growth driver. As solar power is the only ‘insurance’ for individual energy security, enabling control the individual energy bill, citizens and companies will opt for this solution, even more as heating and transport are increasingly being electrified.

In our first TaiyangNews event on distributed solar we will have leading stakeholders in this segment – including module, inverter, battery storage and full solution suppliers – provide updates on the latest product developments for increasing energy independence of residential and commercial buildings.

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