Qcells Enters Solar Panel Recycling Partnership In US

Sustainability On Its Mind, US Solar Manufacturer Contracts SOLARCYCLE To Demanufacture Panels

Qcells Enters Solar Panel Recycling Partnership In US

SOLARCYCLE will use its recycling facilities in Texas and Arizona (in the picture) for the Qcells deal. It plans to launch additional sites across the US in 2024. (Photo Credit: SOLARCYCLE)

  • Qcells has announced a new partnership with SOLARCYCLE for its decommissioned, installed and owned panels 
  • It will also refer its customers to SOLARCYCLE that operates its facilities in Texas and Arizona 
  • Qcells will reuse recycled material extracted to produce next generation clean energy products

Solar PV manufacturer Qcells has announced a partnership with the solar recycling company SOLARCYCLE to ‘demanufacture’ its panels, calling it a first-of-its-kind alliance between a large solar manufacturer and an advanced solar recycler in the US. 

SOLARCYCLE will recycle Qcells’ decommissioned, owned and installed solar panels in the country. Qcells will also refer its customers to SOLARCYCLE under the agreement. 

The recycler claims its patented technology can extract over 95% of the value in a solar panel compared to the current industry standard of around 50%. Its Mesa fab in Arizona can initially recycle 250,000 solar panels/year and ramp up to 1 million panels/year. It opened its maiden facility in Odessa, Texas and plans to announce additional facilities across the US in 2024. 

SOLARCYCLE will extract recycled materials such as aluminum, silver, copper, silicon and low-iron glass from Qcells panels for the latter to reuse to manufacture the next generation of clean energy products. 

Operating the ‘largest’ silicon-based solar panel factory in the US, Qcells is increasing its total vertically-integrated production capacity to 8.4 GW by 2024 (see Hanwha Solutions Planning 8.4 GW US Production Capacity). 

SOLARCYCLE CEO and Co-Founder Suvi Sharma said, “When you look at the footprint of Qcells panels in commercial and residential solar across America, the impact of today’s partnership announcement is quite significant. Together, we can close the supply chain loop to ensure solar energy is manufactured and recycled in the US using American labor and cutting-edge sustainability practices.” 

We want our solar panels to not only help our customers cut costs and carbon, but also to be a part of building a more sustainable clean energy industry,” added Qcells’ Director of Sustainability Kelly Weger. “Our partnership with SOLARCYCLE will give our panels a life after powering homes, businesses and communities, reducing waste and reusing pieces for all types of technology including solar.” 

In November 2023, EDF Renewables North America also signed up for SOLARCYCLE’s services (see North America Solar PV News Snippets). 

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