Reliable Encapsulation Of TOPcon & HJT Modules

Peter Peng From China’s HiUV Presented About Innovative Encapsulants For TOPCon And HJT PV Panels

At the TaiyangNews Reliable PV Module Design Virtual Conference in December 2022, Peter Peng, Senior Marketing Manager of Chinese PV encapsulants maker HiUV, spoke about the reliability of TOPCon and HJT modules when using innovative encapsulation solutions. He sees pure POE as a reliable solution for n-TOPCon modules at the current stage, yet there is still scope for improvement. Its encapsulant film solution for TOPCon technology called EXP reduces POE resin consumption, meets module reliability compared with pure POE and is flexible enough to produce low gram film. For HJT, HiUV is also producing UV light conversion films. To watch Peng’s presentation click on this story’s picture.


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