RenewSys Expands POE Encapsulant Series

Indian Manufacturer Launches New POE Encapsulant For N-Type TOPCon Cells

RenewSys Expands POE Encapsulant Series

RenewSys launches new POE Encapsulant, expanding CONSERV series. (Photo Caption: RenewSys)

  • RenewSys has launched a new POE encapsulant for n-Type TOPCon cells 
  • The new POE encapsulant contains free radical scavengers to improve the TOPCon module reliability 
  • The POE is compatible with glass-to-glass and glass-to-backsheet module configurations
  • The POE improves TOPCon module’s production throughput, according to the company 

Vertically integrated solar PV manufacturer from India, RenewSys, has launched a new Polyolefin Elastomer Encapsulant (POE), specifically formulated for n-type TOPCon solar PV cells. The company calls its CONSERV E – NT encapsulant India’s ‘1st’ POE encapsulant for this growing PV technology.

TOPCon cell technologybased PV modules, considered the natural successor to Mono PERC cell technology, need a significant amount of protection from environmental degradation caused by free radicals generated due to fluctuating temperatures, high heat, water ingress, and chemicals from other bill of materials (BOM) of the module.

RenewSys says the new CONSERV E – NT POE encapsulant contains a free radical scavenger, which works as an antioxidant that restricts free radicals generated during the TOPCon PV module field performance. This inherent feature of the new POE enhances the TOPCon PV module’s reliability and longer operating lifecycle.

According to the company, the new POE is compatible with both glass-to-transparent backsheet and glass-to-glass module configurations. It is also suitable for a wider range of lamination operating processing windows, and with single-sided and double-sided laminators. RenewSys claims the Glass-to-Glass TOPCon cellbased module production defects like bubble formation inside lamination and cell string shifting can be effectively minimized by using its new POE encapsulant, which eventually enhances production throughput.

Vice Chairman and Managing Director of RenewSys, Avinash Hiranandani stated, “This encapsulant will help manufacturers reap many rewards as more and more Indian module manufacturers introduce their TOPCon offerings. It also ensures that deterioration of TOPCon modules in the field during day-to-day operations is prevented, providing confidence to end customers—homes and businesses adopting solar power—and ensuring India’s energy security is in safe hands.”

RenewSys currently operates 6 GW, 4 GW, and 2.5 GW of encapsulant, backsheet, and PV module manufacturing capacity, respectively.

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