Repowering Solar Power Plants

Video: Tomaso Charlemont From BayWa r.e Highlighted Revamping and Repowering As Ways To Boost Sustainability And Profitability Of PV Power Plants

Speaking at the TaiyangNews Virtual Conference on Solar & Sustainability, Tomaso Charlemont,  PV Revamping / Repowering EMEA Lead Manager at BayWa r.e, pointed at revamping/repowering as improving sustainable value and profitability of solar power plants. Sharing the importance of repowering solar PV systems in the event of module or cell failure, or natural causes as hailstorms, wildfires, Charlemont explained that revamping refers to replacement of defective or underperforming PV plant components. New components have higher efficiencies so will improve yield and allow for better use of land. Such a process will also lower O&M costs. To learn more on the topic, watch Tomaso’s presentation.

The Solar & Sustainability took place on 30 March 2023 and viewed solar & sustainability from different angles – corporate decarbonisation strategies, low carbon vertically integrated module manufacturing and CO2 certification, to sustainable product sourcing, module recycling, and repowering of PV plants.

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