Rocky Li, Trina Solar: TOPCon for Everything

Overview On Pastes Developments Of Trina’s Vertex n-iTOPCon Solar Modules

On Day 1 of the TaiyangNews Virtual Conference on Global PV System Technology Trends H1/2023, Rocky Li, Product Manager Trina Solar, presented the company’s Vertex n-iTOPCon module series (click on photo to watch his presentation). Currently, it holds 23.8% PERC cell efficiency, and 25.8% TOPCon advanced efficiency. According to its efficiency roadmap, it will increase PERC to a maximum of 24% by 2025. For i-TOPCon advanced, it will scale up to 26.3% by 2025 and to 26.6% by 2027.

Li also shared the ‘golden size’ module products from Trina for all three applications of rooftop, C&I and utility with respective benefits of size and weight, container utilization that he said are at par with the industry standards. At the end of 2023, Trina aims to grow its solar module production capacity to 95 GW, cell capacity to 75 GW that will include 40 GW i-TOPCon, and Si ingot capacity to 50 GW.

Our Conference on Global PV System Technology Trends H1/2023 that took place from 27-28 June 2023 had leading solar stakeholders who discussed key takeaways from the world’s largest solar trade shows SNEC Shanghai in May and Intersolar Munich in June 2023.

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