Serb Republic Awards 80 MW Solar Plant Contract

Serb Republic Picks B&B Sunce Vjetar To Build 80 MW Solar & 40 MW Planik Renewable Energy Projects

Serb Republic Awards 80 MW Solar Plant Contract

B&B sunce vjetar signed on a concession agreement for 27 years with Energy Ministry of the Serb Republic for 80 MW Planik Solar Power Plant, while that for Planik Wind Farm the concession period is 27.5 years. (Photo Credit: Government of the Republic of Srpska)

  • Energy Ministry of Srpska has granted concessions for 120 MW renewable energy capacity to B&B sunce vjetar
  • The winner will develop 80 MW Planik Solar Power Plant and 40 MW Planik Wind Energy Farm in Bileća municipality
  • B&B is held by BIG Energia Holdings, the Hungarian subsidiary of Israel’s BIG Shopping Centers, according to local news portal eKapija

The Ministry of Energy and Mining in the Republic of Srpska, also known as the Serb Republic, has awarded 2 concession agreements with B&B sunce vjetar for an 80 MW solar power plant and a 39.6 MW wind project, after completing a competitive auction round (see Call For 80 MW Solar PV In Serb Republic).

The 80 MW Planik Solar PV Project is planned to be set up as 2 sub-projects of 44 MW and 36 MW in Veliki Planik and Mali Planik regions in the municipality of Bileća, respectively. On completion, it is expected to generate an annual production of 106 GWh.

The administration expects the entire capacity to take 2 years to build and cost an investment of BAM 136.9 million. Concession has been granted for a period of 27 years.

B&B sunce vjetar will also build a 39.6 MW Planik Wind Power Plant in the same location, to eventually generate 93.20 GWh annually. Concession for this project has been awarded for 27.5 years.

According to the ministry, the company as the concessionaire will pay a concession fee of BAM 0.0055 per kWh of electricity to the government for each facility. Out of this, 95% of the funds will be directed to Bileća municipality.

Local news portal eKapija identified B&B sunce vjetar as part of BIG Energia Holdings, the Hungarian subsidiary of Israel’s BIG Shopping Centers, that partnered with Bosnian company called Mega Or Holdings to win the Planik projects. BIG Energia also signed a long-term land lease for a 40 MW solar power plant in Romania’s Rosiori-Troianul district.

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