Switzerland Launches Maiden Auction For HEIV Funding

Switzerland’s Pronovo Open Bidding Round For 50 MW Solar PV Capacity For Systems Above 150 kW Under HEIV Scheme

Switzerland Launches Maiden Auction For HEIV Funding

Pronovo will be accepting bids for the initial round of HEIV auction till February 1, 2023. (Illustrative Photo; Photo Credit: Terelyuk/Shutterstock.com)

  • Pronovo has officially opened the maiden funding round of HEIV to award funding for a total 50 MW PV capacity
  • It will be awarded to projects with more than 150 kW range with a maximum bid value of CHF 650/kW
  • The project needs to be in operation for 15 years with all the power produced fed into the grid

Switzerland’s enforcement agency for federal subsidy program for electricity production from renewable energies, Pronovo has invited bids to award state subsidy under the country’s newly announced high one-time payment for photovoltaic systems (HEIV) scheme to solar PV systems.

The round is open to solar power systems without self-consumption, with an output of at least 150 kW and more, for a total capacity of 50 MW. These stand to win a maximum bid value of CHF 650/kW with the lowest bid preferred.

To be eligible for this funding, the PV system must be ready for construction at the time of auction in terms of building permits and other requirements being in place. Only 1 bid per lot can be submitted per auction round. It needs to be operated for at least 15 years with all power generated fed into the grid.

According to auction conditions, “If the total performance of the bids that meet the participation requirements falls short of the advertised auction volume, the auction volume is subsequently automatically reduced to 90% of the performance offered.”

Bids can be submitted from January 19, 2023 to February 1, 2023. Further details are available on Pronovo’s website.

Under HEIV, the Swiss government offers to cover up to 60% of investment costs for reference PV systems. For projects with more than 150 kW capacity, auction process will pick the winners (see Switzerland Introduces New Solar Subsidies Under HEIV).

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