China PV News Snippets: DK Electronic, GCL, Xinyi Energy

DK Electronic 2020 Profit Rise By 16.1%; Qingdao Gaoce Wire Supply Deal With GCL; Xinyi Energy Completes Acquisition of 3 PV Power Plants For RMB 442.7 Mn

DK Electronic Materials 2020 profit rise by 16.1%: Disclosing its 2020 annual performance report, Chinese silver paste maker for cell contacts, DK Electronic Materials said that during the reporting period, it has achieved a year-on-year increase of 21.71% in its operating income.

China PV News Snippets: Samsung , Goodwe, Risen, 3 Gorges

Samsung SDI To Withdraw From China’s PV Paste Business; Goodwe’s Estimated Profit At RMB 2.29 To 275 Mn; Three Gorges Completes Acquisition Of Daylight PV Project; Risen 670W Modules IEC Certified; Xi’an Metron Partners With Xi’an Aerospace Base

Samsung SDI to withdraw from China’s PV paste business: In an announcement, material producer for secondary batteries Samsung SDI announced that it has decided to withdraw from China’s solar materials business and will be selling its photovoltaic paste business there.

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