Canada Approaches US To Discuss Solar Tariffs

Canada Requests Consultations With US On ‘Unwarranted’ & ‘Illegal’ Safeguard Tariffs On Solar Products Made In Canada Complaining Of Decline In Solar Exports Since January 2018 Due To Tariffs

A Canadian government entity has approached its counterpart in the US to complain about the continued, ‘unwarranted’ and ‘illegal’ safeguard tariffs on solar products made in Canada, seeking consultations as first steps in the Canada-United .

India’s Solar Imports Decline, Exports Increase In Q1

Cumulative Solar Imports To India During Q1/2019 Decline 40% YoY As Chinese Contribution Dropped To 80% From 91.5% Last Year Thanks To Safeguard Duty; Domestic Manufacturers Improve Solar Exports By 74% Annually: Mercom

According to Mercom India Research, solar imports into India in the first 3 months of 2019 declined 40% thanks majorly to safeguard duty imposition, but it was a good period for domestic manufacturers as solar exports from India increased 74% with Vietnam taking the maximum shipments.

India Issues Instructions For Pass Through Option

Power Ministry of India Directs Central Electricity Regulatory Commission To Speed Up Implementation Of ‘Pass Through’ Option For Power Companies To Ensure Electricity Market Sustainability

Minister for Power in India, RK Singh, also heading the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy, has addressed the issues being faced by solar power generators in getting a ‘pass through option’ cleared through a letter to the regulator.

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