EU Solar Jobs Report: Addressing Solar Skills Challenge

EU Needs Over 1 Million Solar Workers In 2030 To Meet Energy Security Targets According To SolarPower Europe Solar Jobs Report 2022

In 2021, the European Union (EU) had solar sector employing 466,000 people with an annual increase of over 30%, but the bloc needs to employ more than 1 million workers in 2030 for it to meet its energy security targets, according to SolarPower Europe’s (SPE) EU Solar Jobs Report 2022.

European Commission Proposes 40% RE In Energy Mix By 2030

European Commission Targets 40% Renewable Energy Share & 55% Net Reduction In GHG Emissions By 2030; SolarPower Europe Expects 660 GW Solar Power by 2030 With This Target

If member states of the European Union (EU) decide to adopt the European Commission’s proposal to aim for 40% renewable energy share in the energy mix by 2030, it would correspond to 660 GW solar power installed by 2030, according to the European s.

SPE Launches Solar Sustainability Best Practices Report

Solar Sustainability Best Practices Report By SolarPower Europe Aims To Bring Attention To Sustainability Initiatives Being Undertaken By Industry While Seeking To Further Improve These Measures

One of the most cost competitive power generation technologies in the world today that’s also sustainably sourced from right under the sun, solar power is set to become one of the ‘major pillars’ of the world’s energy supply in the future.

209 GW Solar PV Capacity In Europe By 2030

European Union Can Add Close To 24 GW Solar PV Capacity Annually By 2030, As Against 19 GW Current Annual Target Under National Energy & Climate Plans, Claims SolarPower Europe

SolarPower Europe’s assessment of solar PV capacity targets by 2030 for 27 EU member states shows the country plan to install 19 GW annually adding up to a total of 209 GW, however it believes there is scope for 24 GW annual capacity additions by 2024 to unleash solar on a large scale.

SPE Calls For 5 GW Cell/ Module Capacity In Europe

In Major Policy Push, Lobby Group SolarPower Europe Asks Policy Makers To Provide Framework To Have Its Own 5 GW Cell & Module Manufacturing Capacity In Order To Serve 15 GW Of Anticipated Annual Future Demand

SolarPower Europe President Christian Westermeier, also VP sales at Wacker Chemie, said the association wants to see large amounts of solar products including wafers, cells and modules made in the European Union in the coming years.

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