A New ECA-Based Stringer for HJT from Teamtechnik

Teamtechnik’s Stringer TT4000 i8 ECA Is A High-speed Tool For Interconnection Of HJT and Busbar-less Solar Cells

A New ECA-Based Stringer for HJT from Teamtechnik

High speed gluing: Germany based teamtechnik has introduced a high-speed cell interconnection tool for HJT modules that work using electrical conductive adhesive to glue the solar ribbons onto the cells (source: Teamtechnik).

German PV module equipment supplier teamtechnik presented at the Intersolar trade fair its STRINGER TT4000 i8 ECA ─ a new, high-speed tool for interconnection of HJT and busbar-less solar cells. It is designed for industrial mass production and employs electrically conductive adhesive (ECA) for interconnection.

The tool relies on adhesive-based bonding in place of typically used soldering to realize the series connection of the cells to be precise to stick the ribbons / wires on to the cell’s busbars. The beauty of the process is that it involves significantly lower process temperatures than conventional soldering. Interconnection of the temperature-sensitive cells such as HJT that combine crystalline photovoltaics with thin film technology are ideal application for the technology.

The system can handle flat ribbons, round wires, and structured ribbons like LCR. The new stringer with lead-free adhesive technology has a cycle time of 0.9 seconds and a capacity of 4,000 cycles per hour, thus is currently the world’s fastest, claims
the company. The STRINGER TT4000 i8 ECA has a small footprint and has an annual production capacity of 145 MW. In addition to the industrial mass production design, lab configurations for R&D applications are also available upon request.

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